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Sunday , September 20 2020
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Guardians Of The Voiceless

Guardians Of The Voiceless Saves A Stray Dog’s Life In Patiala

Guardians of the Voiceless (GOV) is a non-profit organization in the USA that was formed with an aim of rescuing street animals and to provide them with shelter and better life.

Recently, one of its team in Patiala, rescued a poor stray dog named Theo. The team found Theo in terrible shape. He was suffering from several fractures in his hind leg. He also suffered from a wound on his front paw. His other wounds were infested with maggots near his chest. He looked seriously dehydrated.

When the team from Guardians of the Voiceless saw Theo, he was keep crying in pain. The Volunteer of GOV immediately gave him pain killers and IV fluids. He looked a little better but the volunteers knew that Theo will need an amputation to avoid the spreading of the infection. They made an appointment at Ludhiana University Hospital, so Theo could get a complete body checkup.

After the checkup and X-Rays, the vets decided to perform an amputation as his hind leg was broken beyond repair. The leg was successfully amputated and Theo is recovering well. He seems to be pain-free now.

We wish Theo a fast recovery!

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