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Thursday , December 8 2022
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Dogs and Bath- Why Your Dog Hates Bathing

Why Do Dogs Hate Baths?

Does your tamed dog (who, for other regular tasks, can be considered an obedient pet) turn a revolutionary whenever you prepare items for its bath? Are you spending hours trying to solve this riddle? Maybe initially, you feel that it is afraid of water. So, it behaves this way.

Then you remember that it turns an enthusiastic swimmer whenever you take it to a pool, sea, or ocean. It gets difficult for you to pull it out of the water in such a situation. When you remember some of these incidents, your puzzle may get more complex as one of your answers got rejected.

You start rethinking what could be a reason your dog is unwilling to bathe in the bathroom. Then, you have to put your feet in the shoes of a psychologist. Look at this problem of your dog like any psychologist. You will find answers to your unsolved puzzle with ease.

Why Your Dog Hates Getting Cleaned?

Did you force a bath on your dog for the first time?

It may happen that your dog was unsure of what you planned to do with it in the bathroom when it was quite a young dog. Then, you might have forced it to take a bath.

So, you made a terrible mistake on the first day only. It might have created trauma within your dog about bathing. So, whenever you ask your pet dog for a bath, it thinks of that first incident and makes it angry. So, it hates baths every time.

Dog without Bathing

Do you enjoy bathing your dog?

If you do not enjoy bathing your dog, you must be doing a few things that may not interest your dog to have a bath. Maybe since you are not enjoying it, you are only trying to bathe your dog mechanically.

When you are in the mechanical model, you are not talking to your dog, you are not playing fun games with your dog. You are not singing to your dog. Your dog does not enjoy such mechanical activities. So, it does not enjoy bathing.

So, whenever you ask your dog to go to the bathroom for a bath, it seems to be a tedious task to it. And think how you feel when your boss asks you to do a tedious task. Your pet dog thinks similarly, resulting in hating bathing.

When bathing, do you touch your dog’s private parts, toes, and tail?

It is imperative to clean your dog’s private parts, toes, the tail. However, dogs hate it just like humans don’t like our private parts touched against will.

A dog also hates its private parts, toes, and tail touched without its will. Then how will you clean these parts? You can wipe them separately before bath. Also, instill confidence in your dog that you are its intimate lover.

In a way that human beings open up to their lovers, the dogs don’t refuse their private parts touched by their purely loved partner.

And when your dog finds a loving partner in you, it doesn’t refuse you touching its private parts. So, be gentle and win your furry friend’s confidence so that it doesn’t hate you scrubbing it at the time of bath.

The rules to follow when bathing pups

Do you use cheap shampoos with chemicals?

If you use cheap shampoos with chemicals, these products can cause a burning sensation in your dog if they get into your dog’s eyes or ears. These chemicals can cause allergies that irritate them.

So, they hate bathing. Whenever you ask them to get into the bathroom, your dog feels, “Oh no, not again I want to be burnt alive!”

So go for good quality shampoos that do not contain harmful chemicals. It may shed a few extra bucks. But it will ensure a smooth sensation for your dog. So, if you love your dog, spend more and make your pet dog enjoy its bath.

Do you harshly order your dog to take a bath?

Kind words can win hearts. Reversely, harsh words can create foes. So, check your tone when you ask your dog to bathe. Talk smoothly. You can even sing a song that it likes.

These small tricks can work wonders. Another trick is the bribe. You can promise to give it a treat if it obediently bath. However, food treats have some ill effects on their health.

If they are used to these threats, they may not be ready to bathe every day without being bribed. So, don’t make it a habit if you are bribing your dog with food treats. Make it once in a blue-moon affair.

Give them a bath

Do you bathe your dog once a few days?

Try to make bathing a comfortable affair like eating. You can bathe your dog every other week or thrice every month. This way, your pet will be used to it.

If your pet starts to smell, it is the right time to bathe it.  Use a gentle shampoo if you choose to bathe your dog more frequently.

If you choose to bathe your dog once in a while, it may not get used to bathing.

Bathing helps maintain hygiene. Dogs tend to suffer from bacterial infections. Infections on the skin and ears are common in canines. Hence, the dogs start to smell bad, caused due to allergies and germ build-up.

If you don’t bathe the dogs often, every time you want your dog to take a bath, it will be a new affair for your dog, and it will keep hating a bath. Overbathing must be avoided.

It can rob of the natural oils and can lead to dryness and irritation. Consult your vet to get an appropriate idea of how often you should bathe your dog.

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