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Thursday , May 19 2022
"20% of our website advertising earnings are donated to local NGOs for stray dogs and animal welfare."
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DogExpress Celebrates Its 4th Anniversary | Press Release

A growing dog lovers and owners community with 500, 000+ active users!

November 11, 2019, | Chandigarh, India: DogExpress, a leading pet information website, and marketing agency are celebrating its 4th anniversary. The team of DogExpress has spent the last four years dedicated to dogs and with a mission to help people understand their pet dogs better. To mark this company milestone, DogExpress is going to donate pet food to local NGOs and Rescue groups in the Tricity.

Founded in 2015 by Chan Chawla, DogExpress has come a long way from being just a Pet information website to a big community of dog lovers and owners. With over 500,000+ active users on social media, it is one of the leading dog-related social media platforms in India. Recently, DogExpress reported a social media reach of 10 Million.

“It has been another amazing year of us, where we managed to change the lives of so many people. Our goal is to bring smiles and happiness on the faces of people, and to celebrate dog love has crossed all borders and boundaries. We have now reached 46 countries and feel blessed to have a great following from all across the globe,” said Chan Chawla, CEO of Primotech and DogExpress

Google loves DogExpress: The marketing team of DogExpress claims that they rank on top of the search engine for crucial keywords like “Best dog website in India,” and “Best dog news website in India.” DogExpress has become the go-to website for all dog-related information in India.

“DogExpress has truly found its calling over the last couple of years. We have become one of the largest community of pet owners and dog lovers in India. Now with our new advertising and digital marketing services, we plan to become the first-ever media agency in India dedicated solely to the pet industry,” said Sanjay Bhattacharya, Managing Editor at DogExpress.

With a loyal and ever-growing audience, they stand as one of the best advertising agencies available for all pet brands looking to market their products and services.

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