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Thursday , July 2 2020
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Celebrate National Dog Mom’s Day On 11 May

This weekend is going to be all about the mothers around the globe. You must be familiar with Mother’s Day which is on Sunday, May 12 this year, but did you know that there’s another special day for dog mothers this weekend?

Saturday, May 11 is National Dog Mom Day, petitioned and coined by Dig, a personal dating app for people with dogs. Dig founded the holiday in 2018 to celebrate and thank dog moms for dedicating their love and support to their dogs each day.

They submitted a petition at Change.org to make it a holiday in the US via NationalDayCalendar.com. The petition got a huge response from dog moms.

“The creation of this separate day will emphasize the respect for all moms and their right to showcase the love of their kids – fur or not,” Dig said on their website.

Since last year, National Dog Mom Day is being celebrated on the second Saturday of May, just before the International Mother’s day.

Who are dog moms?

A survey conducted by rover.com polled 1,000 female adult dog owners.

  • 3 out of 4 female pet parents consider themselves “dog moms.”
  • 45% of dog moms have referred to their dog as a “fur baby” or “fur kid,” and 40% just call the dog their “baby.”
  • 40% of female dog owners say they own dog-mom apparel, and 17% say they don’t own any but want some.
  • Nearly half of the female dog owners celebrate their dog’s birthday (or other milestones), bring their dog with them on errands and shared an announcement on social media when they got their dog.
  • 40% have stayed up at night to comfort a crying puppy.
  • 24% have missed work to be home with a sick dog.
  • 50% of dog moms gush about their dog when meeting other people.
  • 62% said they take dozens of photos of their dog.

So, are you a dog mom too?

Let us know in the comments how you are going to celebrate this day with your fur baby.

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