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Tuesday , October 19 2021
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The Book Of Indian Dogs By S. Theodore Baskaran

The Book of Indian Dogs

“Do you know how many Indian dog breeds are there?” Don’t worry if you are struggling to remember the names, it happens to the best of us! Recently, we were approached by Aleph Book Company, an independent publishing firm under the wings of Rupa Publications India, who intrigued us with the ...

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Now You Can Post Matrimonial Ads For Your Dog?

Matrimonial Ads for Dogs

Ever seen Matrimonial Ads for dogs? You’re going to see soon. It is catching on!  A new trend is catching on in Delhi. People are now posting matrimonial ads for their dogs to find a perfect mate for them. Here are some Matrimonial Ads that we found posted on Delhi’s ...

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How To Keep Your Dog Safe During Holi Festival

We are all excited to celebrate Holi with our loved ones. However, sometimes during the excitement of the festival, we often forget that our furry friends might not like being colored with Holi colors. The chemicals in the colors irritate their skin and if they lick it, they might ingest ...

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Dog Toys Can Be Dangerous Too

Dangerous dog toy

A dog toy that is specially made for dogs to play can sometime be dangerous for them as well. We found these 3 separate dog stories where dogs suffered due to dangerous dog toys. Maximus Jamie Stumpf is the pet parent of Maximus, a Rottweiler. One day his pet Maximus ...

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