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Wednesday , December 8 2021
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7 Ways to Keep Your Dog Entertained

In recent times, we all are busy with our daily work schedule and have to leave home by keeping our pooch alone. Or else we remain busy with the household chores, and our canine companion waits longingly for our company. Make a schedule and dedicate some time of the day with your furry canine buddies.

Your doggie requires both physical and mental stimulation to remain busy the entire day. There are many ways you can entertain your pet buddy.

Right from certain cozy indoor activities to running around the courtyard for a while, it stands to be the right choice. Please read below the seven boredom-busters which you can try out canine companions and entertain him for a long time.

Kong-full of happiness:

The instinct of any pet pooch is gnawing at things with which they ate playing. And the same is applicable for puppies or young pooches. Owing to their new teeth, they develop a tendency to gnaw or chew at things like slippers, tables or chairs, and much more.

Keep them distracted from all these by engaging them with a Kong! Stuff it well with their favorite nibbles, or you can freeze some chicken broth or beef stew inside the same. Give them while you are busy with some other chore. A Kong will engage these active and naughty pet buddies.

A Kong is any day a healthy and attractive outlet for these pooches, in consideration of their chewing or playing. You can keep changing the mouth-watering eats while freezing a Kong. You never know! Your pet companion might keep his guessing spree active always, especially when you entertain him with a Kong.


Yet another way of entertaining your dog is by letting him solve various puzzles! Doggie puzzles are an excellent means of keeping his boredom at bay. You can try your hands with the wooden bone puzzles or any other dog puzzle. Buy a few from the pet stores and keep them handy.

Spread one set on the dog mats, sit by your pooch’s side, and start solving it. Nudge him on and off, and slowly he will start taking an interest. The same will keep raising his inquisitiveness equally and stimulate his mental stability.

Give them some of their favorite nibbles when they are successful in solving the puzzles. It surely acts as a motivational factor, while entertaining these adorable furry buddies for the entire day.

Swapping his Toys

Keep rotating your pup’s toys to keep his interest and inquisitiveness alive. Please take a few from his basketful of toys and give him for the entire day. Watch him play with the same, and their excitement grows! Keep on switching over the toys and rotating their favorites.

You can witness the sparkle in their beady eyes and the jump with full-on energy. It will also help you entertain these adorable cuddly buddies with age-old toys.


How about trying something innovative with these cuddly buddies? Engage them thoroughly for more than half of the day by giving safe CBD for pets before you rush out for work. They will keep licking the same for 1 or 2 hours. If around, be one to witness the joy in their sparkling eyes, when they discover the wondrous thing. It is an ‘entertaining’ treat for them for the entire day.

Get a New Mate

Many of us believe in the saying – ‘awesome twosome!’ so, you can try the same for real. You can always gift your older canine with a cute little pup. But it would be best if you think twice before taking this adventurous decision.

A few days or months, old dogs require a lot of attention compared to the older ones present in your living habitat. But it has its positive aspects also.

Within a couple of days, they will become the best of playmates and remain busy entertaining themselves the entire day. And also, not to forget the never-ending snuggles and cuddles for the whole of the day!

Walk a Mile Daily:

‘All play and no work makes Jack a dull boy.’ In a ‘twisted’ form, this famous saying is very much applicable for our beloved canine companions. Lack of physical exercise can push pups into boredom. And without any physical activity, liking walking a mile every day, or running weakens their muscles.

Fix a schedule for the ‘walking session’ with your pooch. It will aid in burning the extra energy of both of you. Furthermore, your pooch will become tired very fast and hit the bed early.

‘Tricky’ Times:

It is a wrong notion that you can never teach an old pooch any new trick! Irrespective of their age, these four-legged pet canines are ever ready to learn and discover new things. Spend some time of the day by making him ‘shake’ his legs while tutoring him on doing a ‘handshake.’

Or you can ask him to forward his paws. When he does, pat him and snuggle. Make him do the same for a few times and reward him with his favorite treat. Plan to proceed further with the same by making him sniff some toy or ball and hide it. Ask him to search the same.

Initially, he might not respond, but he will slowly start doing so. Watch him wag his busy tail once he finds the hidden toy! Reward him again with some of his much-loved nibbles.


It is not wise to sit always and watch any reruns with your pet busy lying by your side. Instead, take some time out and make a checklist of the activities discussed above.

It is wise to keep it active, if not for the entire day, but for some time! The smart seven boredom-busters will surely assist you with the same. Keep calm and play on with your cuddly furry buddy.

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