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Saturday , October 1 2022
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Cane Corso Everything You Need To Know

Everything You Need To about Know Cane Corso

If you want a Cane Corso as your next family pet or guard dog, you must gather all relevant information about it first. Cane Corsos are giant dogs and sometimes weigh over 100 pounds. So if you are a new pet parent and getting home Cane Corso puppies, prepare yourself well to handle them.

However, if you are looking for a powerful, confident guardian dog, Cane Carso is one of the best options for your family. They are big, muscular-built, assertive dogs with natural instincts to protect the ones they love.

Everything You Need to Know About Cane Corso

Brief History

Cane Corso is a descendant of large Roman war dogs brought to Italy to breed with native Italian breeds. It is now one of two Italian Mastiff breeds that gained widespread popularity in the US after 1987.

It is also often confused with the American Pitbull Terrier. Initially, it hunted wild boars, helps farmers in guarding livestock and farmhouses. Now, they are excellent watchdogs.

Facts about cane Corso:

  • Average Height: From 24 to 27 inches tall
  • Weight: From 88 to 120 pounds
  • Temperament: Reserved, Confident, Territorial, and Keenly Alert to its surroundings
  • Characteristics: Highly-Intelligent, Easy-to-Train, Extremely Loyal, Quiet Dog,
  • Colors: Black, Grey, Black Brindle, and Red
  • Nature: Dominating if not trained right as a puppy
  • Cane Corso Price: Average ranges from $900-$2,000. The top-quality Cane Corso price (with exceptional breed lines) can even range from $2,500 to as high as $8,500.

Mixed Breed Cane Corsos

  • American Pit Corso: Mix of Cane Corso & American Pit Bull Terrier
  • Blue Blood Cane Corso: Mix of Cane Corso & Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog
  • Cane Corxer: Mix of Cane Corso & Boxer

cane corso needs

Cane Corso Care Needs

●     Bathing & Grooming

It sheds minimally and is easy to groom. It has a short thick coat that needs brushing occasionally. Usually, it needs bathing every 20 – 30 days. But if it gets dirty, do not hesitate to bathe it again.

●     Living Conditions

Cane Corsos are flexible with living arrangements. You can keep them outdoors with adequate shelter if you live in apartments. But, you cannot leave them outdoors in high temperatures or severely cold weather.

●     Exercise

Cane Corso needs daily exercise and long brisk walks. They are an excellent jogging companion and suitable for those with an active lifestyle.

●     Best Suitable

It’s best for families with older kids and no other pets.

Cane Carso Care Tips

Cane Carso Care Tips:

  • Cane Corso puppies (2months – 1.5 years) need nutrition growth, particularly for the development of bones and muscles. Give attention to their diet and feed food specifically suitable for large dog breeds.
  • Cane Corso puppies have a lot of energy. Exercise them regularly, but be gentle during playtime to avoid injures.
  • Adult Cane Corsos (2-4 years) are prone to develop an eye condition called cherry-eye. Keep a watch for eye infections, irritated, red, or teary eyes in them. Consult an eye doctor immediately to avoid the spread of other eye problems.
  • Senior Cane Corsos (8-12 years) are prone to hip dysplasia, arthritis, eye issues, and bloating. Therefore get them checked by the vet regularly to catch the symptoms early.

How to Train A Cane Corso?

Biting & Dog Food Aggression

Cane Corso puppies can bite during teething. They are overprotective of their belongings and can show dog food aggression.

  • Give chew toys and sternly command them ‘NO’ if it begins to bite.
  • Try walking away or abruptly stop playing to help them identify biting as unacceptable behavior.
  • If they start growling or defending food, place down their empty food bowl and show them who has the authority. Then you decide when to fill the bowl.

Barking & Jumping on People

Cane Corsos are big dogs; people can freeze up around them when it barks. They can even jump on people to show their joy.

  • Train it to be a great leash walker.
  • Invest in adjustable Corso’s pieces of equipment as they grow fast, till 18 months.
  • Take them on lots of sniffs and exploring environment walks.
  • Socialize Cane Corso puppies like adults to reduce their shyness and aggression towards strangers.
  • Avoid eye contact and do not show excitement when they jump. Turn your body on the side so they cannot grip you.


It is not a dog for first-time pet parents. You must train your Cane Corso puppies accurately to handle them well. Additionally, invest in pet insurance to give the best health care and cover expenses if it bites someone or damages their property.

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