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Tuesday , January 26 2021
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Apathy Bites as Strays Run Amok in Delhi’s Vasant Kunj

The residents of Saraswati and Narmada apartments in D6-Block of Vasant Kunj have complained about the stray dog menace getting out of control in their locality. Dog bite cases are becoming frequent and the population of canines has been rising continuously. While the issue has persisted for 4-5 years, it has become alarming in the past couple of years.

Dinesh Kataria (38), an MNC employee, said his six-year-old child was bitten by stray dogs around 45 days ago while cycling. “The area has 40-50 dogs and we are worried about our children. In the past five years since I’ve been staying here, the problem has become worse. The dogs often enter towers, staircases and the porch. An attempt to create a separate feeding area has been met with resistance,” he added.

Dr. Rachna Raj, who works at JNU, bought a house there recently after living on rent for three years. “Sometimes, after coming from work, I have to wait for half an hour in my car and ask for assistance to go from the parking lot to my house. Dogs surround your vehicle and there is no way out. Senior citizens are afraid to go out for a walk. People have been forced to install soundproof windows in their houses to shield themselves from constant barking at night,” she said.

Swati Chopra, a resident, said she was attacked by the dogs while she was out for a walk on November 1 inside Narmada Apartments and sustained severe injuries. “The dogs ripped the skin off my calf. My husband rushed me to the nearest hospital where a senior doctor declared it a category 3 severe injury of an animal bite. It required expensive human immunoglobulin injections, apart from tetanus and rabies vaccines. I was referred to AIIMS as the treatment was available only there. I have spent more than Rs 50,000 on treatment,” she added.

Shashikant Kumar, another resident, said, “When the RWA tried to tackle the issue, they were threatened with legal action.”

A senior municipal official said that relocation of dogs was not permitted according to the rules framed by Animal Welfare Board. He added they would look into the complaints and check if sterilization had been carried out.

Source: Times of India

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