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Friday , August 7 2020
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Amazing Recovery Of A Stray Dog, Thanks To Animal Aid Unlimited

It is not easy to survive on the streets, especially for a dog with a bad skin condition. Animal Aid Unlimited found this street dog named Shylo in Udaipur, her skin had become gravelly and hard.

The medical volunteers confirmed that the skin condition of the dog was due to mange parasites. They had never seen a case so severe where there was crust like formations on the skin.

It was even hard for the team of volunteers to distinguish the dog from the stone bench she was sitting on.

Severe Condition due to Mange Parasites

The Mange parasites caused the condition where a crust was formed on the skin which caused extreme pain and itching to the dog. Shylo was terrified of humans and refrained from any kind of human contact. It was quite hard for the volunteers of Animal Aid Unlimited to get the dog to their shelter.

The recovery process started

Once back at the animal shelter, Shylo let the volunteers touch her. Slowly and steadily the volunteers won her over with regular food and skin treatment. She was given several medicinal baths and treated her skin with antibiotics.

Check out the video below, watch till the end to see her amazing transformation and how friendly and healthy she becomes. Her story reminds that love and care can truly change lives.

You can donate to Animal Aid Unlimited here!

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