53-Year-Old Man Thrashed for Sheltering, Feeding Stray Dogs
Saturday , July 20 2024
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53-Year-Old Man Thrashed for Sheltering, Feeding Stray Dogs

53-Year-Old Man Thrashed for Sheltering, Feeding Stray Dogs

In a gruesome incident, a 53-year-old man was beaten up by his neighbours in West Bengal. According to the details, the incident took place in Sonarpur, where the man, identified as Rajat Mondal used to give shelter and feed stray dogs at his home. Mondal was earlier threatened by his neighbours for sheltering and feeding stray dogs. He was even thrashed by some locals last month, following which he suffered a fracture in his right hand. Mondal used to stay in Patuli earlier but was forced to leave the place after the locals objected to his feeding and sheltering sick dogs at home.

However, Mondal still remained concerned about the stray dogs that were locked up inside his house while he remained at the hospital for three weeks.

According to a report with The Times of India, Meenakshi Pandeya, an animal lover from New Alipore volunteered to take care of the stray dogs after she learnt about the incident and about Mondal’s hospitalisation.

Commenting on the incident, Meenakshi said she was shocked to find the dogs eating their poops out of hunger. Mondal had told her he had left the keys of the house with a local, who, however, did not feed the dogs, she said. Meenakshi further said she cooked and fed the stray dogs for some days.

A complaint about the complete incident was registered by Mondal soon after he was discharged from the hospital this Sunday.

Meanwhile, one of Mondal’s neighbours has denied the claims, saying Mondal was hospitalised because he had fallen ill.

Source: India TV News

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