2022 Resolutions for All Dog Guardians – Keep Your Pup Happy |
Thursday , July 18 2024
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2022 Resolutions for All Dog Guardians - Keep Your Pup Happy

2022 Resolutions for All Dog Guardians – Keep Your Pup Happy

The beginning of the year is the best time to make some new resolutions. We hope that 2022 turns out to be a better year for you and your pooch.

The year 2021 has not been the year we would cherish about. Because the coronavirus pandemic was there throughout made it bad enough. On top of that, the frequent lockdowns added to our miseries. When I say ‘our miseries’, I also mean our furry friends who missed going out a lot.

Be it the walks or exercises, veterinary clinic visits, non-availability of their toys and goodies, and the list goes on. As we step into 2022, there is a ray of hope of a better future as almost the majority of the world is vaccinated, markets have opened up, and things have just started coming back to normalcy.

And, as we start putting our lives back on track, we cannot forget to put back on track the lives of our little pooches as well, just as we make resolutions like exercising more often, drinking more fluids, maintaining a diet. We cannot forget the duties towards our dogs too.

They shower us with all their love, care, and affection. Therefore, we need to ensure that we do our bit in taking care of their daily needs. It includes their exercises, walks, training as well as cuddle sessions. Below mentioned are a few resolutions that, if followed, can help in the betterment of your dog.

Have in-depth knowledge about dog first aid

It is a known fact that dogs are very restless creatures. You hardly find them resting or just lazing around. They are busy playing, jumping around, biting, chewing, and doing all sorts of activities. And like children, dogs get hurt while performing these activities. Therefore, it is vital to know what to do if your dog gets hurt.

Educating yourself related to dog first aid is essential. Any injury if it remains untreated leads to something severe. It is practically impossible to have a veterinary doctor available at all times. A dog first aid kit should always come in handy for such emergencies, and the first part of dog first aid is to know how to stop bleeding.

The food quantity must be evaluated before giving it to your dog

Just like us, dogs too tend to gain weight and thus be overweight. Excessive feeding is the prime cause of obesity in dogs. Dog breeds like Labrador are prone to being overweight. Labrador owners should be careful about the diet of their dogs. They can get overweight. Obesity in dogs is the prime cause of illnesses that dogs suffer.

According to a study, 54% of the dogs in the United States of America are obese, and 60% of dogs in the United Kingdom are overweight. And this is the prime concern for vets around the world. Dog owners must avoid overfeeding their pets. Obesity may have health implications on your furry friend.

Every packet of dog food bought has measurement instructions written on them. Please read the instructions, and adhere to them. It will ensure the good health of your dog.

Resolve to give regular exercise to your dog

Last year, as mentioned before, has been a pretty bad year for our furry friends. Many dog parents were unable to take them out for their regular walks, exercises, and even veterinary visits got limited due to the frequent lockdowns. This year, resolve to make your dog exercise every day whether there is lockdown or not.

If there are governmental restrictions on your movement, make your dog exercise in your house and ensure he is in the pink of health throughout. Whatever be the situation, your dog should not be your last priority.

New training and tricks

General dog training is necessary for nearly all dogs for better behavior and obedience. The training includes the usual sit, down, roll over, stand, speak, jump, some here, handshake, etc. This year give some new things to learn to your dog. It will make your furry baby a more disciplined pooch.

Apart from that, new training will help build a bond between the owner and the dog. And the most crucial factor of constant training is it helps prevent dementia in older dogs.

Try out new activities

If you are a person who goes on hikes, long-haul bike rides, boating, or fishing, then you can take your pooch along with you. By taking your dog, you will not only strengthen the bond between the two but keep the dog’s brain active by constantly teaching him new tricks and new commands.

This brain-stimulating activity, in the long run, will ensure your dog becomes mentally fit even in his old days. He might physically get weak, but he will remain mentally active throughout.

And if you are not one of those who go for these outdoor activities, you can start a new hobby with your canine at home itself. Doing this will be a great bonding experience and a good workout time for you and your dog.

Make a promise to give more playtime to your loving pet

A recent study has found that with the lifting of the ongoing lockdown, many dogs suffer from severe separation anxiety as they suddenly are not seeing their owners, which they had gotten used to for the last two years.

Make a schedule to have a fixed playtime with your dog and ensure that particular time is never invested in doing anything else. Playtime helps reduce anxiety and helps ensure you spend that much time with your dog will keep the bond between you and your dog strong.

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