World Rabies Week Celebrated With Free Vaccination Drive
Saturday , July 20 2024
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World Rabies Week Celebrated With Free Vaccination Drive In Dehradun, Vadodara and Jamnagar

The free vaccination drive for dogs is being organized in housing societies under Abhay Sankalp community initiative.

In a unique initiative, a community awareness drive on Rabies prevention and free mass vaccination drive for dogs in selected 25 residential societies across the 3 cities started from 22nd September’19.

This is part of Abhay Sankalp, a community-owned program for creating a safe environment for residents and dogs started by Humane Society International/India.

During the week, the first five days from September22- September 26, is dedicated to the awareness of rabies prevention and control in communities, information on responsible pet ownership, how to prevent dog bites, and immediate care measures after a dog bite

The Rabies vaccination is free for street dogs and pet dogs in 25 Abhay Sankalp signed up residential societies on 27th and 28th September. Abhay Sankalp, launched in October 2018, has spread to more than 400 resident societies in cities and is expanding its reach to many other societies to promote harmonious and peaceful coexistence of humans and dogs.

The program works with societies across the city to figure out concerns associated with dogs and emphasizes on some established ways to create a safe and pleasant environment by encouraging people to adopt more scientific and humane ways to deal with dogs in the neighborhood.

Rabies Week In Pictures (by HSI)

HSI Rabies Week

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This story has been shared by Uma Biswas from Humane Society International/India

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