Woman Fined 3.6 Lakh For Feeding Stray Dogs In Mumbai
Saturday , July 20 2024
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Woman Fined 3.6 Lakh For Feeding Stray Dogs In A Society In Mumbai

Recently, a woman living in a housing society in Mumbai was allegedly fined Rs 3.6 lakh for feeding stray dogs. The Nisarg Heaven Society residents voted and passed a resolution against the woman for feeding stray dogs.

Neha Datwani, who is an advertising professional alleges that her society has asked her to pay Rs 75,000 for a month for feeding the canines. According to sources, she has been charged Rs 2,500 per day for feeding the dogs.

Mitesh Bora, the Chairman of the society said it wasn’t the decision of the society body, around 98 percent of the society people voted and passed the resolution against Datwani. Being the chairman of the society he had to follow the decision taken by society members. The Nisarg heaven society did stop charging the woman when she approached animal activists for help but resumed charging her later.

Bora alleged that the dogs that are being fed by the woman are aggressive and bark at the senior residents and kids. The people of the society are afraid of letting their kids out for playing or let their elders go for walks. However, no bite cases have been reported. He confirmed that he or the society doesn’t have a problem with members feeding stray dogs outside the society premises.

Neha Datwani alleges that the dogs she feeds are born inside the society and she has the right to take care of them while they are on the premises. She is planning to leave the society soon but now she has to clear the dues charged by society to let her mother and sister live in peace in the society.

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