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Sunday , September 19 2021
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Bonded By Blood

Wiggles.In Unites Pet Blood Donors and Recipients Through #Bondedbyblood

~ Builds a comprehensive and verified resource bank to connect pets with suitable donors in minutes ~

~ Encourages pet parents to enlist their pets as donors ~

September 9, 2021. Pune, India: India’s leading preventive D2C pet care brand, Wiggles.in continues to embark on its journey to be true #PartnersInPethood for the pet parent community in India. Following the launch of industry disruptive and category-creating products and in a bid to solve the countless problems faced by pet parents, Wiggles.in now launches – #BondedByBlood a digital resource bank to help pet parents get quick access to suitable pet blood donors in times of need.

Given the lack of knowledge and understanding around blood transfusion in pets, the challenges of receiving a compatible pet blood donor in India are very high thus putting a pet’s life at high risk. Urging pet parents to register their pet as a donor, Wiggles.in aims to gather at least 10,000 pet donors from across India over the next 5 years.

Blood transfusion in pets isn’t uncommon and despite India’s ever-growing pet population, pet parents today are yet unable to connect with a suitable pet donor and lose hope during this search in most cases. In a bid to address this gap, Wiggles.in undertook an online survey between July and August 2021 which suggested that 51% of pet parents were unaware that even pets have a blood group and 58% weren’t aware that their pet could donate blood and help another pet in need.

A meager 2% of pets had donated blood at least once. Contrarily, the need for a pet to undergo blood transfusion may be at least once in its lifetime, either due to surgery, disease, or accidents, and if eligible, pets can donate blood safely once every 3 to 4 months.

On launching #BondedByBlood, pet parent Anushka Iyer, Founder and CEO, Wiggles.in said,

Wiggles has always believed in going the extra mile to ensure that our pets are well cared for. Every step forward is in line with our vision to improve quality of life.  #BondedByBlood is our effort to save lives and strengthen our bond with this ever-growing community.  

We have had first-hand experiences with helpless pet parents in search of a suitable pet blood donor. Many times, a life is lost due to prolonged time spent in this search for the right donor. #BondedByBlood will help save time and connect pet parents across the country with eligible pet blood donors.

We earnestly urge pet parents across India to enlist their pet as a donor if they are eligible to donate blood.  With #BondedByBlood we hope to empower pet parents, bring about a real change and continue to create a difference by taking India’s pet care ecosystem to newer heights.

Open to pets of all kinds, Wiggles hopes to create a comprehensive resource bank of over 1,00,000+ pet donors from across India. Pet parents looking to consult with vets in order to register their pet as a donor can also connect with Vets directly via Wiggles Tribe Facebook community.

Pet parents can register their pets as Blood Donors on #BondedByBlood by filling an online form Here!

Pet parents in search of donors can connect with the #BondedByBlood team on +91 84316 20000

About Wiggles.in

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Trusted by over 25,000 pet parents, Wiggles.in is India’s leading D2C preventive pet care brand with a wide range of products and services, curated by vets for pets. Founded in 2018 and built upon convenience for both pets and pet parents, Wiggles.in has grown to become the most trusted brand by pet parents in Pune, and Mumbai for its hassle-free vet on-call, grooming, training, and behavioral sessions within a short span.

Founded by pet parents and curated by vets, Wiggles.in’s innovative, unique, and affordable products have made pet parents realize the true joys of having a pet. The range of food and treats is focused on nutrition devoid of preservatives and fillers.

The brands’ growing pet parent community ‘Wiggles Tribe’ encourages conversations and supports pet parents whenever needed. It is also a proud recipient of the ‘Retail Start-Up of the Year’ award by Entrepreneur India in 2020.

Committed to being #PartnersInPethood, Wiggles.in zeal to become India’s most loved pet care brand continues on the back of innovation, quality, and trust.

For more information, visit www.wiggles.in

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