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Why You Should Adopt A Mongrel In India?

Are you planning to adopt a pedigree dog? Why not go for an Indian or Desi dog breed like Mongrel?

These dogs are highly affectionate, energetic, and loyal, similar to the pedigree dog breeds. The stigma around these Indian dog breeds in society is completely misplaced and not justified.

Many people just don’t consider the idea of adopting a desi dog breed just because they haven’t heard their breed name or can’t identify it online. With this article, we aim to change that mindset and help clear your doubts about Indian dog breeds like Mongrels.

What is Mongrel?

A mongrel is a mixed-breed dog or mutt that does not belong to one officially recognized breed. Their estimated number in the world is over 150 million. In India, there are approx. 30 million mongrels/stray dogs. Many of these have unknown purebred ancestors.

Why do you need to adopt a mongrel in India?

Mongrels are easily available and you can notice them all over the streets. They have been badly termed as stray dogs by society, however, they show the same love, affection, and loyalty as any other pedigree dog breed.

Lower price/free of cost and lower maintenance

Mongrels, due to their high population, are easily available. Thus, costing less or are available for free adoption. Usually, you can adopt a mongrel without paying any money. However, in some cases, if some people have been fostering these dogs, they might ask for the cost of vaccination or treatment. Most fosterers don’t ask about money as they genuinely care about the dogs and want them to have a forever home.


As much surprising it sounds, it is true. Mongrels, since born of unknown lineage, have unique characteristics that are impossible in the case of pedigree dog breeds. They are unique – no one will ever have another dog like yours. For those who appreciate uniqueness and a kind dog, Mongrels are the best fit for them.

Minimal health issues

Mongrels are comparatively healthy dogs and require lesser medical care as compared to pedigree dog breeds. They are perfectly suited for the Indian climate as well. They can handle both warm and humid conditions without falling ill as compared to pedigree and imported dog breeds.

There are fewer chances of inbreeding in dogs as they are not regulated by breeders. So, the chances of contracting rare genetic problems are lesser. However, this doesn’t mean that every mongrel on the street is healthier than a pedigree dog breed. Due to scattered life on streets, starvation, dehydration, and no vaccinations, they might be prone to some diseases.

Save a life

By adopting a Mongrel from the street you are actually saving a life. It should be enough reason for you to adopt. In the grander picture, you are helping to keep your society’s streets clean of stray dogs and encouraging good citizens like yourself in the neighborhood to come forward and do the right thing.

Things you need to keep in mind before adopting a mongrel

When you plan to adopt a mongrel, take them for a veterinary checkup first. Usually, Mongrels from shelters and foster homes are in adopting condition due to proper care. In case you are adopting a Mongrel from the streets, make sure to get them vaccinated and dewormed. Here are some other things that you need to do:

Full medical check-up

A psychological check-up of your new mongrel is very important before introducing them to family members or children especially. A full medical check-up will include both physical and mental tests. The most important test is rabies and other minor checkups for fleas or fungal infections that need to be treated.

Registration and Microchipping

Nowadays, pet registration is very important. It is the second thing that you have to do after adopting a new puppy.  Pet registration is a legal requirement nowadays in most of the urban cities and states in India. Microchipping and registration will help you in the future in case your puppy gets lost. With the help of a microchip, medical professionals can easily identify you as the owner and you can get your dog back.

Basic training

Once you adopt a stray mongrel and bring it home, you need to start their basic training which will include training for potty, eating, commands, etc.  If you are adopting an adult dog, consider hiring a professional trainer to help you.

About the author

Sanjay B. An avid dog lover who frequently writes about prevalent dog issues in India, dog news, dog health and care etc. He also enjoys photography, food, films and lively conversations!

We hope, we have cleared some of your doubts against adopting a mongrel. If you have any more queries, feel free to reach us at [email protected].

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