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Wednesday , October 4 2023
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Girl Kicks Dogs, Then They Strike Back, watch

Video: Girl Kicks Dogs, Then They Strike Back

In a recent incident at a beach, a young girl received a well-deserved lesson after annoying a peacefully relaxing dog. The incident, which was captured in a now-viral video tweeted on May 30, shows the girl playfully kicking and nudging two sleeping dogs while lying on the beach.

Initially, the dogs seemed unaffected by the girl’s harmless mischief. However, as she continued to disturb them despite their indifference, one of the dogs decided to take amusing revenge. The dog stood up, shook off the sand from its body, and proceeded to dig in the sand, specifically targeting the girl vigorously. She was startled and crawled away from the dogs after being covered in a pile of sand.

This video has received tons of attention from viewers ever since it was uploaded on Twitter.  In this video, viewers have responded and voiced their ideas. Many users agreed with the dog’s actions and said the girl deserved what she got. Others found the dog’s response amusing and considered it a better and funnier outcome than expected. Some users even made sarcastic remarks, comparing the dog’s actions to those of a well-behaved pet.

Twitter has not stopped reacting to the video, ever since it surfaced on the Internet. Many of them came out in full support of the dog for its actions. “She deserved that” commented one user. “It was also a much better (and funnier) response than I’d feared,” quipped another. “LOL. A good lesson for her. You play with the bull, you get the horns,” noted a third user. Another sarcastic remark read, “That’s a good boy.”

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