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Sunday , August 14 2022
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Tips For Taking Your Dog To The Pub For The First Time

Tips For Taking Your Dog To The Pub

Enjoying a pint in a local bar is always encouraging. It is more than exciting when your furry four-legged friend is with you. It feels a bit intimidating taking them to new places.

In a busy pub atmosphere, your dog experiences whole new surroundings with many people, new furry pals, and a noisy crowd. It may, however, turn a quiet Sunday into a scary one.

Here are some tips and tricks furnished for you and your dogs to help you accustom him for the first day at the pub.

You are in a hurry to spend some time with a friend on a perfectly poured pint. But you are always in doubt about what to do with your pet. Some research reports say that majorly dog owners let their pets stay alone for more than five hours which is more than recommended time.

As social animals, they require encouragement and exercise. When you take them with you to a pub, it is an opportunity for you to spend time with them. Also, it helps them to interact with new people and new atmosphere. Added a walk in the way towards pubs helps your dog to get their usual exercise.

What should you consider before taking your dog to the pub?

Pubs are generally noisy and bustling places, especially those situated at the city center. Before you move toward these pubs with your pet, clear some queries in your mind.

What needs does your dog have?

According to the experts, dogs benefit from socializing with other pets, humans, and places. However, keep in mind that each dog has its unique twist. As dog owners, we should treat them according to their nature. According to your dog’s convictions, you ask the following quarries to yourself.

  • How well does my dog get accustomed to other dogs? Is it comfortable for him to stay with other pets?
  • Enough exercise already done by your dog today? Confirm that your dogs have their walk today cause as soon as you arrive at the pub, they may already be tired due to the lack of energy left in them.
  • Is your dog trained for the toilet? If not, it is embarrassing for you and the people in the pub if something wrong happens. Be sure to take your dog to the toilet before going to the pub.
  • Will your dog be a good pub guest? They should be under control in public. So, it is imperative that they are happy sitting quietly in the crowd.
  • Unfortunately, not every pub visitor is eager to allow the dog. So, it is courteous to think about other pub-goers.

Is the pub you are visiting suitable for your dog’s needs?

Few pubs think about their visitors’ furry friends’ needs regularly.

As a dog-friendly pub, it is more than offering some freshwater to furry friends. So, the next question that arises for you is whether your local pub owners have provision for the dogs’ needs?

We have furnished a list of some dog-friendly essentials. Also, some added dog-friendly features to go for an extra edge.


  • Availability of water bowls inside or outside?
  • Clear signage about welcoming the dogs?
  • Website mentioning the allowing the dog inside?
  • Are our owners and their dogs generally being made to feel welcome?
  • Availability of the shaded area for the dog in warm weather?
  • Option for the place where the owner can eat with their dogs?

Going the Extra Mile:

  • Whether the pub offers some treat to the dog behind the bar?
  • Availability of a quiet place for a dog from the noisy atmosphere?
  • Is there any separate area for the people not keen on dogs?
  • Does any pet etiquette rule through which dog should be under control withstanding at the pub?
  • Availability of the area for wet paws and muddy shows for drying, especially if the pub is near the walking route?

Better to visit a pub with your dogs at quite a time to accustom them to the atmosphere without overcrowding. Revisit research to prevent any surprise for you and your dog. Some websites provide information on where you can find such dog-friendly establishments in your locality.

Is the pub environment suitable for your puppy?             

Your pup’s socialization part is between three weeks to 12 weeks old. They need to meet lots of dogs, humans and visit places to get accustomed to different habitats. It is significant to take it slowly and respond to their necessity.

It is crucial to keep new encounters pragmatic and measured, taking care not to engulf or scare your puppy. Though it is tough to resist, unfamiliar people should thump your pup if they assiduously approach and seek out contact.

If they are backing away or trying to avoid lowering their body and hide, never force them to interact. Such a situation makes them worried. Hence, get the dogs trained with some basic commands.

Is the pub environment suitable for you rescued or adopted dog?

Every rescued dog has a past story that explains its nature. Your rescue shelter will give you the details related to their past, or at least the situation they find him. Some are mistreated from socialization. Others may be much loved but given due to unfortunate situations.

Hence, it is crucial to treat them as separate individuals. Sharing the story to friends and followers in the pub regarding the rescue of the dog may help spread awareness. It may inspire some to give a lovely home to another rescue dog.

What should you go prepared with?

Below are the things you shouldn’t leave home:

  • Your dog will need to be on its lead in the pub.
  • Be sure that your dog wears a collar and tag in public. The collar should have a microchip. In case they are lost or escaped, you can find him.
  • Make sure the pub provides water and a bowl; otherwise, take your own.
  • Some pubs provide treats but are sure about diet; otherwise, it makes the waistline bulky.
  • Take some toys or dog bones to make them busy or entertained.
  • Do not forget the dog’s waste bag.

How do you know if your dog is feeling anxious during a visit to the pub?

Anxiety occurs due to various reasons as the experience of less socialization and separation. In case of separation-related issues, a pub visit is good for them. But the dog’s owners should notice the following symptom related to anxiety:

  • Sneezing
  • Blinking
  • Yawning
  • Licking their lips
  • Turning their head away

What should you do if your dog is feeling anxious during a visit to the pub?

If you notice your dog feeling uncomfortable, respond to them so they won’t feel worried. It takes time to settle in a new place. If they are not settled after some treat, toy, it will be better to come out of that area without shouting, drawing, or misbehaving with them.

If you do these things, it makes them feel scared. Instead, try to find the reason for discomfort and avoid it next time. Some other area or pub may be suitable for you and your dog. Taking your dog to the pub should be a positive experience for you and your dog.

If your dog’s behavior makes you worried, you can consult a qualified behaviorist.

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