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Thursday , June 1 2023
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The Best Arthritis Medicine For Dogs

The Best Arthritis Medicine For Dogs

It sounds disheartening when you come to know that your precious four-legged friend has arthritis. The problem of arthritis causes many health problems in your beloved pet that not only he even you feel uncomfortable with his painful situation.

In this article, I will throw light on the dog’s medicine for arthritis that will help them to recover their health issue in the best possible manner.

But before discussing the treatment, let’s talk about the real cause of arthritis in the pooch.

What is the reason behind Doggie arthritis?

  • Unusual soreness within the joint of the pooch.
  • Abnormal cartilage enlargement and between the joints the lubricating fluid gets damaged.
  • Loss due to trauma.
  • Due to prolonged and lower inflammation.
  • Inadequate nourishment.
  • Through the blood supply, the bacteria and fungus get multiplied along with infection in the joints.
  • Tick-borne and Cushing’s disease.
  • Obesity and diabetes.
  • Disorder of cartilage, bone, and ligaments.

You will mostly observe the arthritis problem in dogs of older age. At an early age, bone and joint development issues can also occur. All through the animal’s life the traces of arthritis time and again differ. Usually, the dog of older age suffers from joint issues.

All these are the leading causes of dog arthritis.

Now after getting familiar with the causes, many pet lovers want to know the symptoms of arthritis in dogs.

What are the signs of arthritis in your canine?

  • Lameness and stiffness.
  • Joint pain and slow way of walking.
  • Weariness and inclination to sleep more.
  • Deteriorated muscle.
  • Weight gain or loss.
  • Joint licking due to uneasiness.
  • Feeling of gloominess.
  • Aggression, inactiveness, and pain on touching.

All these health issues make the life of your pet painful which in turn creates disturbance in your mind too as it is tough for you to bear the disturbing sight of your lovable pet.

To get rid of the pain of dog arthritis I will provide you the tips which will provide significant relief for your adorable pet.

In what manner is the treatment of dog arthritis?

Some useful medications will help in healing up the issue of arthritis among dogs.

Rimadyl and Novox –

You can provide nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs known as (NSAIDs) like Rimadyl and Novox which will help in providing relief from the pain. Your pooch can move effortlessly and carry out exercise by consuming these medicines as they are capable enough to reduce prostaglandins which is the source of the dog’s pain.

Your beloved pet can uphold the strength of the muscle if they exercise. As a result, the pet can enjoy correct alignment in joints which in turn improves the condition of the arthritic dog.


In an emergency, you can make use of this medication for your pet. To avoid the side effects of it, you can give Denosyl to your pet.

The famous corticosteroids are Prednisone, Triamcinolone, and Prednisolone. You will find in natural form the presence of corticosteroids in all warm-blooded creatures.

Glucosamine and Chondroitin supplements –

The supplements of glucosamine and chondroitin nurture and shield joint cartilage which provides less pain to the arthritic pet. The supplements holding the combination of both (glucosamine and chondroitin) will keep the joint cartilage moist and lubricated.

The joint cells will get stimulation which will aid in repairing the damage. Give outstanding supplements like Joint Enhancer and Dasuquin to the pooch so that he can enjoy healthier joints.

Omega 3 fatty acid –

The issue of inflammation can be considered by offering supplements of Omega 3 fatty acids that lessen swelling, heat, and pain. The omega-three fatty acids will not only make the joints of your dear pet stronger but are also valuable for the brain, skin, kidney, and other types of internal organs.

Cartilage protector’s drugs –

The drugs like hyaluronic acid, polysulfated glycosaminoglycans, and pentosan will decrease aching inflammation and will support repairing joint structures.

Homeopathic Option –

You can move to the option of homeopathic to cure the ailment of arthritis among dongs. T-Relief tablets will provide significant relief to your pet. Traumeel medicine can lessen the long-term damage.

All the points mentioned above will provide medical help to your precious pet suffering from arthritis problems. Along with medications, there are other useful ways which include therapies, surgery, the regular schedule of your pet and much more can provide great comfort to your pets.

Let’s discuss all these strategies in detail so that to a more significant extent you can cure the problem of arthritis in your canine.


This type of therapy can reduce scar tissue. It will help in decreasing pain and at the same time will work in improving mobility. You can give chiropractic, massage therapy, and physiotherapy for the benefit of your four-legged friend.


The other name of this rehabilitation is water therapy. Without putting pressure on the joints and muscles, you can keep the dog’s body underwater, and the treadmill work can be carried out in the water As a result of this therapy, you will notice higher than before mobility in your pet.

Miscellaneous alternatives –

You can make use of other options to treat the health issue of your pet efficiently. It may include acupuncture, ultrasound healing, stem cell therapy, laser, and magnetic remedy. Nowadays, there are many CBD oils that are recommended as a treatment option for dogs suffering from arthritis. You can read more about it at

Your pooch will experience flexibility and circulation due to massage but make sure that the expert can conduct it in a better way. The acupuncture will provide a relaxing experience for your pet. Finally, you should consult the vet as he can advise you a better idea about the treatment of your faithful friend.

Sometimes the condition of your arthritic dog becomes so much worse that you have to go for surgery to provide a healthy life to your pet. If your affectionate pooch is facing torn ligament, then he has to undergo surgery.

Before finalizing the surgical option, you should consult the vet about the result so that you can get accustomed to the outcomes in advance.

From these ways, you can arrange secured life for your arthritis furry friend. All these are ways to cure the disease of arthritis.

As a pet owner or caretaker, you can work on some other areas that will provide healthy and sound life to your pet. Let’s move ahead to discuss these areas in detail.

Regular exercise –

It would be great if your doggie holds the habit of regular exercise but make sure it should be in a controlled manner. You should keep an eye on his activities like walking, run and play.

All these movements will provide flexibility to your pet. If your pooch is comfortable with swimming, then you can allow him to find his feet in swimming as it is considered a good alternate for the unhealthy dog. If your doggie gets exhausted, then you can make use of a pet stroller that provides excellent support to your canine.

Consistent check-ups –

Develop the habit of taking your pet to the vet for routine checkups. It will direct you to know the actual condition of your pet which will serve as the guidance so that you can go for the appropriate treatment of your precious pet.

Controlled weight –

If you keep your pet in slim and trim condition then it will make the life of your dog comfortable as he doesn’t have to bear unnecessary weight on his legs or joints.

Avoid cold and damp conditions –

Try to avoid cold and moist conditions as it can increase the problem of arthritis among dogs. Always arrange a warm and dry situation for your pet that relaxes the body of the dog. The padded dog bed will deliver warmness to the pet.

Secured stay –

Your pet is a member of your family so as a supporter you should try your level best to provide a comfortable life to your priceless pet. For his painful joints, you can arrange helpful soft bedding.

Secure rugs will allow him to walk smoothly. While getting in and out of bed, he can make use of ramps so that he can efficiently perform his movements.

Antioxidants –

You can make your canine eat essential antioxidants that will provide them strong immunity. You can offer turmeric, wild blueberries, herbs, astaxanthin, and phytoplankton that will help in fighting dog arthritis.

Final Verdict

From this article, you can efficiently work on the arthritis problem of your pooch. It is an informative article that will work for the betterment of your pet.

By giving proper attention to the medication and daily schedule of your pet, you can arrange painless life for your pet. Timely medicines and proper care will not increase the arthritis problem in your pet.

It will be worth it if you perform all the health tips under the supervision of vets or specialists as they can guide you in better ways.

I hope that this article will prove to be helpful for your beloved pet and you as now you can provide a healthy and enjoyable stay to your pet.

DISCLAIMER: DogExpress does not endorse or take responsibility for the content in the guest post.

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