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Wednesday , March 22 2023
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Teacup Pug – Complete Guide On Teacup Pug Care

A cute teacup pug in your house can make you just popular. You may find your neighbors and relatives finding excuses to visit your home. But beware of the thorns in the bush! Many greedy breeders will try to cheat you by selling you a chug at the price of a teacup pug.

This article will guide you to identify the true breed of teacup pug and the merits and demerits of owning this miniature dog breed.

Why Name it Teacup (or Toy) Pug?

The American Kennel Club does not recognize the teacup pugs. AKC only recognizes the standard pug that weighs 14 to 18 pounds and is 10 to 13 inches in height. But the teacup pug is way shorter and lighter than any standard-size pug.

An adult teacup pug weighs 2 to 5 pounds, and its size is less than 17 inches. In short, they fit in a teacup even when fully grown up. Thus, this variety of pug is named ‘teacup pug.’

Confusion with chugs

The greedy breeders may want to cheat you by selling a chug. So the breeders crossbreed Chihuahua and Pug to create chugs. As puppies, these chugs are identical in appearance to teacup pugs. However, when they grow, they develop some unique features.

One such feature is a long snout. But by that time, it becomes late for the owner. However, if you go for a black teacup pug, you may be safe from being cheated since black is a rare color in the chugs. In addition, the black gene is less potent in the chugs.

Hence, they mostly come in brown or fawn. A few have a darker shade, though. So, if you go for a black teacup pug, you can be assured that you are not buying a chug.

Price of teacup pug

The teacup pugs are in demand among dog lovers. Hence, these puppies are always a goldmine for the breeders. Unfortunately, these puppies can cost you as high as $4000. However, a few breeders sell this breed for $300 too.

We would suggest you choose a registered breeder to buy your puppy. Else, you may hurt yourself as well as the puppies.

The more you encourage the greedy unethical unregistered breeders, the more they grow their business by breeding unethically, causing immense pain to the animals. So, think before you act!

Teacup Pug price in India

Teacup Pug dogs are expensive as they are bred only for business purposes. Therefore, any teacup dog’s price in India can range from Rs. 10000 to Rs. 80,000.

The coat color of the teacup pug

The teacup pugs have double-layered coats. They come in several colors, such as:

  • Black
  • Apricot
  • Fawn
  • Silver
  • White

Black and fawn are the most common colors of this breed.

Shedding of teacup pug

The double-layered coats of this breed make them a heavy shedder. As a result, you may sometimes see your teacup spilling over with the fur of your beloved teacup pug.

The only solution we can provide you to control the coat of this small dog is regular brushing. It can help you achieve a clean, shiny coat for your beloved dog.

The appearance of the teacup pug

Even though they are small and can fit in a teacup, they are firm, well-built, and have square structures. However, they have a big round head, with eyes dark and big. Another unique feature is their wrinkled brow.

Most of them have face masks of black color. Their ears are soft with a velvety texture. Their muzzles are short and black. In proportion to their size, their teeth are small.

Though their teeth are small, you should not underestimate them. They can bite badly. They are known for their biting characteristic.

Teacup Pug Behavior

They are an absolute bundle of joy to those owners who prefer to keep a pet as an accompaniment. They are purely loyal to their owners. They don’t like to work. Instead, they prefer to spend time inside the house, curling up near their owners or the family members.

However, if they never go through proper socialization training programs, they may develop psychological issues such as thinking of themselves as bosses.

The children love them for their small size. However, you should take care that if the children do not handle these dogs properly, they may hurt them.

Health issues in Teacup Pug

Because of their small size, they are highly appealing to the customers. And to make bigger bucks, the breeders breed these miniature dogs in high numbers. But unfortunately, since the breeders try to keep these dogs small, they take unethical measures that lead these dogs vulnerable to health complications.

A few of the health issues that are common among the teacup pugs are:

  • Hypoglycemia: The disease affects their blood sugar (glucose) levels. The blood sugar level gets lowered than the normal range.
  • Patella Luxation: this disease refers to the sliding kneecap where the kneecap glides outside the femoral groove when flexing in the knee.
  • Hydrocephalus: in this disease, fluid builds up in the brain.
  • Collapsing Trachea: this disease leads to cartilage rings in the Trachea flattening out. It obstructs the air movement in the lungs. Thus, this disease results in breathing problems in the small-sized dog breed.

Besides these ailments, teacup pugs are also susceptible to liver shunts and seizures.

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The lifespan of a teacup pug

Maybe since the teacup pugs have been bred for generations peculiarly to appear tiny, their internal health is not sound enough. The average lifespan of this breed is only six years.

How to take care of Teacup Pug 

The life or lifespan of any animal depends on the care it gets. This 17-inch breed needs more care than a 26 inches breed. Vets or professional dog carers must carefully design the diet plan.

Since this breed has a diabetic tendency, you should ensure they are not overfed. Also, they should not be facing malnutrition.

Besides chalking out the diet chart, you should also ensure that you can afford a temperate climate for this breed. These dogs have adaptability issues with body temperature.

They are not much successful in keeping themselves warm in cold weather. So, if you take it out in colder conditions, carry a sweater for it.

They need regular exercise to lead a stress-free life. However, while planning exercise routines for them, ensure that you avoid making them jump from a high surface.

It may lead to the break of their bones. Also, a work-rest balance is essential and needs to be maintained. They need a minimum of 14 hours of sleep.

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