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Saturday , January 29 2022
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Neosporin And Dogs, Can They Go Together?

Neosporin and dogs

Guest Post! Due to their activeness, dogs usually have cuts and injuries on their bodies and as concerning dog owners, we usually seek something to stop the bleeding and sterile the wound. However, not all of us have a cabinet of dog medicine for such situations so we often make ...

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Dog Skin Cancer: Natural Options That Work

Skin cancer inn dogs

Guest post! Half of all dogs get cancer, and all cancer forms are on the rise, including dog skin cancer. Skin cancer is one of the most common skin diseases in dogs. It occurs in the dermis or the epidermis. Let’s take a detailed look at the common types of ...

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Vaccination Schedule For Dogs

Young puppies have a high risk of infection. The puppies have strong immunity against diseases to which their mother has been exposed. They get this immunity in the form of maternal antibodies, which are passed on in the first milk that is suckled. This acquired protection gradually fades and disappears ...

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Soon You Will Be Able To Rent A Dog In India

Rent A Dog In India

Dog lovers can rent a canine for few hours or even a day in metro cities from September with a new venture set to open around 100 outlets over the next 12 months. Jaipur-based dog behaviorist Viren Sharma is planning to open around 100 ‘MAD’ (Mad About Dogs) centres across ...

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3 Men Booked For Thrashing Dog To Death In Rajkot, Gujrat

Stray dog beaten

Recently, three people from Barvara village have been booked for brutally beating a stray dog to death. The incident came to light after the video of their cruelty act went viral on social media. The act prompted quick intervention of voluntary organization PETA, who urged the Bhesan police to lodge an ...

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Nine Puppies Allegedly Killed By A Drunk Man In Chennai

9 puppies killed

Another shocking incident of animal cruelty has come to light in Chennai. A 35-year-old drunk man has allegedly beaten 9 mongrel puppies to death at a construction site in  Anakaputhur on January, 29 morning. The accused was identified as Guna, a resident of Avvai street in Venkateshwara. He used to ...

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