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Sunday , August 14 2022
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A Couple From Canada Rescued A Dog From India

A Couple From Canada Rescued A Dog From India

The latest trend has emerged for videos depicting the activities of dogs and cats. Given the large number of animal lovers around the world, there is a lot of interest in social media. Since being published on Instagram, one such video depicting a dog has been making the rounds on ...

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Spread of Highly Contagious Virus across South Florida

Spread of Highly Contagious Virus across South Florida .

Miami, Florida – Miami-Dade Animal Service urges dog owners to watch their pets in public due to the spread of new highly contagious diseases across south Florida. According to Dr. Maria Serrano, a veterinarian at Animal Services, “Canine infectious respiratory disease complex is like the canine flu or canine cold. ...

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Dog Jumps Like a Bunny During Walk

Dog Jumps Like a Bunny

Dogs are wonderful pets, and they tend to fill the human’s life with happiness and love. Their playful antics can quickly melt anybody’s heart, and they can be a good source of constant amusement for their humans. Videos of dogs being their active best are always great to watch. The ...

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