Rajkot MCFinds A New Way To Tackle Stray Dog Menace
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Adopt stray dog

Rajkot Municipal Corporation Finds A New Way To Tackle Stray Dog Menace

The Rajkot Municipal Corporation (RMC) has found a new way to tackle stray dog menace in the city. The civic body is going to encourage people to adopt stray dogs and formalize the entire process. To encourage people to adopt stray dogs, they are offering free treatment and vaccination for all the dogs that will get adopted.

The decision was made in a recent meeting of animal birth control committee of RMC. This is a first of a kind move taken by any urban civic body to control stray dog menace, the official said.

Dog bite cases

According to official figures, around 55 people are bitten by stray dogs daily in Rajkot. Over the last 6 years, the number of bite cases has consistently reduced. However. Animal Birth control programme doesn’t seem to have yielded desired results to deal with the stray dog menace problem. As per a recent survey, there are nearly 30,000 stray dogs in the city.

Stray dog adopt

To adopt a stray dog, dog lovers need to register themselves with the RMG on their website. The civic body will keep a record of all those adopted dogs and would be responsible for the dog’s well-being.

DR.BR Jakasania, veterinary officer, RMC’s animal nuisance control department said,

“The population of dogs is increasing very fast and complete sterilization is not possible. There are people who regularly feed these dogs, but many others take objection to this and it results in animosity”.

Jakasania claimed that RMC is the first municipal corporation in the state to come out with such a policy.

Rajendra Shah, a member of Animal Welfare Board in Rajkot, said, “There are many dog lovers who would be interested in adopting stray dogs. We have floated this idea for the first time and if it gets popular, we plan to implement it in other municipal corporations of Gujarat.”

If someone wants to abandon the stray dog after a few months or a year, RMC will accommodate the animal in its shelter house”.

Reference: The Times Of India

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