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Wednesday , May 12 2021
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Pup that Lived after Coming Under Train in Faridabad finds Home in UKPup that Lived after Coming Under Train in Faridabad finds Home in UK

Pup that Lived after Coming Under Train in Faridabad finds Home in UK

Both her forelegs severed and her hind legs maimed — that’s the condition in which an RPF constable found a young stray dog on a railway track in
Faridabad last year.

Rocky, now three years old, had come under a train at Ballabhgarh railway station and almost bled to death. The constable, Chanderpal Tanwar, rushed her to a shelter home, run by People for Animals (PFA) trust, where she was operated on. Rocky battled for life over the next few months.

Love from her rescuers and animal lovers, besides medical care, but the resilient dog on the path to recovery. Rocky was a fighter. With every passing week, she will board a flight to the UK, where a new home awaits her. PFA had made a video on Rocky’s miraculous recovery, also drawing attention to the deaths of animals in such accidents – the internet took the story well beyond Indian shores and humanity took over from there. A family in the Cotswolds expressed interest in adopting Rocky.

Before she heads to the Cotswolds from the Faridabad shelter home, Rocky will stay for a while in London, under the care of Wild at Heart Foundation for further treatment of her legs. Ravi Dubey, president of PFA, said: “On October 19 last year, we received a message from RPF constable Chanderpaul,
who informed us that a puppy had come under a running train and was bleeding severely. her forelegs were crushed. Rocky was brought to Aastha shelter home, where veterinary surgeon Dr. Mahesh Verma examined her. Unfortunately, there was no alternative to amputating the legs.”

Verma added, “Rocky had lost a lot of blood due to the accident and we had to transfuse blood. Her health started to recover gradually. She started to walk with the help of prosthetic legs and may not need further surgery. She can move around, eat from a bowl, and free play once again,” said Verma.

Tanwar said he had acted instinctively in picking up the dog and rushing her to the vet. “We received information that an accident had occurred on the railway tracks. Upon reaching the spot, we found the dog screaming for help. We immediately took her to the animal rescue shelter. Thankfully, her life could be saved.”

Rocky struggles to walk on her deformed limbs but has been coping well, using her hind legs and chin for balance.

The Wild at Heart Foundation wants to ensure that all options are explored for Rocky’s treatment. “In March this year, Wild at Heart Foundation reached out to PFA and expressed ITS desire to provide better treatment to Rocky. They also promised to find a new home for her. The process to send her to the UK started in July. Rocky has completed all the formalities, including a rabies test, a clearance from the UK animal department, and a clearance from
the animal husbandry ministry. She will finally board the flight on November 18 to the UK,” said Dubey.

Source: Times of India

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