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Tuesday , February 7 2023
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Pomapoo Dog Breed- A Comprehensive Guide

Pomapoo Dog Breed- A Comprehensive Guide

Pompous can be the ideal choice if you are searching for an agile, playful, and intelligent dog. It is even called pomeroodle, Pomeranian, and pompom. Pomapoo Dog is a crossbreed between a toy poodle and Pomeranian. This breed of dog sheds less.

Pomapoos are the smallest designer breed of dog. These dogs are best-matched for people living in apartments. This toy dog breed does not need much exercise or activity. The small frame of the dog’s body holds a lot of disposition. This dog breed originated in North America.

They were first traced around the 90s. The maximum height range of a pompano ranges from eight to ten inches. They weigh about three to seven lbs.

They live up to twelve to fourteen years of age. They are available in 5 colors- tan, red, white, black, and tricolor. They come with a price tag between two hundred to two thousand dollars.

Pomeranian CharacterPomeranian Poodle Mix Breed

Pomapoo has been an old toy dog variety since the 18th century. This dog breed has a close-packed, well-built structure with a long fuzzy coat. The coat near the neck is a little bit rough. These dogs are affectionate, active, and jolly. These dogs mark territory by barking a lot.

Toy Poodle characterpomapoo puppies for sale

This dog breed type originated in Middle Ages Germany. They are full of curly fur all over the body with variety. They have curled hair and woolly coat.

They have wooly tails bent towards the back portion of the body. They are bright, playful, curious, and trustworthy. But they tend to suffer from stress developed due to separation.


Due to their designer breed, Pomapoos may vary in appearance according to the feature given by their parents. Sometimes, they weigh about five to fifteen pounds. Male pompoms are on a little larger side. They are the cartoon version of a Pomeranian for some varieties; on the other hand, some look like toy poodles.

You can observe both characters in one. Their texture, color, and pattern vary in different ways. You may find wide varieties of shades like red, black, cream, brown, brindle, or an enormous combination effect of these colors.

Their coats are thick and curly. Maintaining its fur is quite a task. Hence, daily brushing is mandatory to prevent matting. Allergic nature depends on the traits mostly inherited from their parents.


Poodles are quick learners and bright. These dogs are energetic, curious, and socializers. The combination of these two breeds makes the pompano brilliant and accessible.

They always prefer to be the center of the shows and are eager to learn more stratagem. They are naturally great at performing tricks if you start teaching them early.

It will be great for events and entertainment. Due to their parent’s Pomeranian nature, this spirited dog can amuse their loved ones and desire to play with them.

They are sharp, loving, and friendly to an unknown person, children, and even other animals. These dogs have a small stature and carry an exquisite structure.

Hence, watching out when your dog is with the younger kids at your home is advisable. This dog is not fit for those houses with young boys or girls. Especially in the case of rough children, they may get hurt accidentally.

You teach your child some tricks to build good relationships with the dog. They may have difficulty bonding with their family members if they get hurt. In the time of training, they try to be extraterrestrials.


They are well-fitted for smaller homes and apartments. But they also fit well in large houses and even in spacious houses. But they prefer to stay inside the house, sitting or lying in their favorite spot. Due to their socialized and familial nature, they love mixing with other animals in their house.

This dog breed loves the cats in the house. Though they are joyous, these dogs need moderate exercise to keep them healthy and active. They do not like outdoor activities much. They are also not tolerant of extreme atmospheres like hot or cold climates.

A walk of twenty to thirty minutes is enough for their exercise. They require daily activities inside the house through playing with toys and family members.

Provide a staircase for them to reach out for the couch or bed. It also prevents them from any leg injury due to jumping from this thing.


It is recommended to groom and brush them every day. It is mandatory to keep you in perfect condition. The amount of grooming varies due to the skin condition and the nature of the fur in them. But generally, brushing is advisable once a day to prevent mat formation.

Brushing teeth is mandatory every day because they have a deficiency in enamel, an irregular bite, and a periodontal problem that harms their teeth. In the case of training, they are more interested as this makes them the center of the show.

Keep some treats handy to make the session small and effective. Special training may be required to control their barking habits.


You will never get bored of them. They are great companion dogs and live up to twelve to fifteen years of age. With some positive reinforcements, you can enjoy their companionship throughout. They are a healthy breed.

But have some health issues like kneecap dislocation problems that can be taken care of. Sometimes, these dogs suffer from epilepsy. With growing age, they may lose their vision due to cataracts.

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