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Saturday , January 22 2022
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PFCI’s Mass Community Dog Feeding Program | Chennai Floods

Another inspiring story of a NGO called PFCI (People for Cattle in India), who organized a mass community dog feeding program for stray dogs and animals affected by the recent Chennai floods.

Here is the story:

PFCI’s Mass Community Dog Feeding Program took place on 28th November 2015. The program was aimed at feeding 1000 Dogs on a single day. Earlier on 21st & 22nd, PFCI feed 1100 Dogs in flood affected areas.

With Chennai being flooded & water logged everywhere, the aftermaths of rain has lead to starvation of animals. In order to lend a hand for the animals, PFCI (People for Cattle in India), a registered NGO formed by animal lovers to promote animal welfare and prevent any form of animal cruelty and abuse in India came up with the initiative of conducting a Mass Feeding Program on 21st, 22nd & 28th November, 2015.

PFCI was on a mission of feeding as many animals as possible all over the city and had invited volunteers to take part in the mass feeding program.

PFCI feeding strays

PFCI also called out animal lovers and community dog feeders to take part in the feeding program that started at Kilpauk venue. The event started by cooking food for Animals. The cooked food was packed and later distributed to various parts of the city that has been affected by the cyclone.

PFCI thanked the supporters who helped in the form of contribution of rice, biscuit packets, bread packets, sheets, disposable feeding bowls, sheets, etc. PFCI also thanked the Chennaites who showcased their support by taking part in the Feeding program and did their part for hungry distressed Animals. The program helped satisfy hunger of more than 2200 Animals in & around Chennai.

Actor Sibi took part in the feeding program. A special thanks was given to actor Vishal for sponsoring the program. Other members who sponsered and volunteered were:

Sponsors – Gaurav Jain and Ketan Chordia. Volunteers – Mr Sam Paul, Mr Pranesh, Mrs Agarwal & Mrs Vijay Bhasin.

This story was uploaded on PFCI’s Facebook channel.

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