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Saturday , January 22 2022
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Pet Fed 2017

Pet Fed 2017

Furry fashionistas hit the runway on the second day of Pet Fed 2017!  The pooches got in their best avatar to walk the ramp, set in the centre of NSIC grounds, Okhla, South Delhi.

Dogs were seen dressed in beautiful frocks, shirts, hoodies and tuxedos as characters from movies in the show. The Show’s model was a disabled Labrador named Crush, who opened the show in his walking chair.


Following Crush were 42 furry models, who walked the ramp along with their humans to charm the already hooting dog lovers.

This time it was not just the clothes that gained the audience’s attention, the hot topic at the fashion show was the accessories the dogs wore.

Pedigree breeds from Labradors to Pugs, Shih-tzus and Golden Retrievers, set the fashion quotient pretty high.

Sukanya, parent to a Havanese named Hulk, who wore a tuxedo, said,

“I get most of his clothes from the US. Each outfit costs about Rs1200-1500. He is very fond of ties and bows. He has about 25 ties and 30 bows.”

Another participant was an adorable shih-tzu, Mia. Dressed in a cute frock, this was Mia’s second year at the fashion show.

“I spend about `8000-10,000 on both my dogs’ clothing. She is an amazing poser,” said Amanjeet, her human.

 Reference: The Times Of India

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