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Over 40 Dogs Allegedly Poisoned In Hyderabad, Sarpanch Booked

A dog poisoning incident has come to light from a village in Hyderabad. The sarpanch of the Ammanabole village in Narketpally, Varamma Reddy and her husband Baddami Ram Reddy have been booked by the local police for poisoning over 40 dogs in the village by using pesticide.

The sources have alleged that around 29 dogs were killed via poison on June 4, around 25 dogs were culled on June 5 and 9 dogs were killed on June 6. The village members responsible for the culling of dogs planned the whole process in order to save their cattle and kids from the dogs.

The Sarpanch and her husband have been booked by the local police under IPC section 429, under which imprisonment of 5 years or fine is applicable for killing an animal by mischief (poisoning).

One of the sources, a laborer, who wished not to be named said that he buried over 15 dogs in the last week. Some locals alleged that more than 40 dogs were poisoned.

Most of the village members agreed to the culling of dogs as they kept biting and killing their cattle. Many village kids have also been traumatized due to dog bites. The villagers claimed that the dogs were a menace and posed a threat to their kids and cattle. Since the government didn’t provide any solution, they took the matter to the village Panchayat. The Sarpanch gave the order based on the villagers’ appeal.

Dr. Jyothsna, who is the village vet confirmed that she has been receiving regular cases regarding cattle being bitten or killed by the stray dogs.

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