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Wednesday , October 4 2023
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Noida's First Dog Park is Opening on June 1
Initially scheduled for completion by the end of 2022, the dog park in Noida Sector 137 was unable to meet the deadline due to delays in electrical work. (HT Photo)

Noida’s First Dog Park is Opening on June 1

Noida’s first dog park is set to open on June 1, providing a dedicated space for pets and addressing the lack of such facilities in the city, according to officials from the Noida authority. The completion of the project, which had faced multiple delays, has finally been achieved. Initially scheduled for completion by the end of 2022, the dog park in Sector 137 encountered delays in electrical work, causing the project to miss its deadline. A new completion deadline was set for January 2023, but it was also needed to be included. The park has been developed to cater specifically to pets and their owners.

Ritu Maheshwari, the chief executive officer of the Noida authority, expressed satisfaction with the project’s successful completion and credited the diligent work of various departments, including electrical, engineering, and horticulture. As a result, starting from June 1, pet owners will have access to this specially designated space for their beloved animals.

Officials explained that the electrical work faced setbacks in January and February due to construction activity restrictions to combat air pollution under the graded response action plan. However, once the restrictions were lifted, the Noida authority resumed the electrical work, ultimately completing it and enabling the park’s opening.


This dog park is at the Sector 137 Metro station on the Aqua Line. It offers various facilities like swings, walking paths, a pool, green spaces, cafes, and a canteen. The Noida authority’s horticulture department has led the park’s development.

The park aims to provide comprehensive services for pet owners, including trainers, vaccinations, and medical assistance. It also aims to foster community among pet lovers, who can connect, share experiences, and organize events for their furry companions.

An anonymous Noida authority official emphasized the park’s role in offering various facilities and dog food under one roof for pet lovers. The park benefits pets and serves as a platform for pet owners to connect.

Ponnam Kunar, a pet owner and resident of Sector 118, highlighted the significance of the dog park for pets in the city who lack dedicated spaces. However, Kunar also called on the Noida authority to construct more parks specifically dedicated to animals, as the current lack of space has led to issues such as the dog menace in the city.

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