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Noida Woman Saves Over 80 Disabled Dogs From Mercy Killing

A woman named Anuradha Mishra,  originally from Ghaziabad has managed to rescue over 80 injured and disabled dogs who were up for mercy killing via Put To Sleep (PTS) or Animal Euthanasia. The decision is taken by the pet owners when the pets don’t have hope of recovery or suffering from an ailing condition. After the decision is made, the veterinarian carries out the procedure.

Anuradha has been on a mission since last 22 years to rescue dogs that have been left to die. The canines saved by her were paralyzed, injured, disabled or blind. She rescued her first dog when she was 16 years old. She also runs a shelter for dogs to save them from mercy killing.

For her, dogs are like her own children. She was unaware of the PTS concept and was quite shocked when learned about it. She instantly decided to saves dogs from such situations.

She signed up with local NGOs and animal welfare shelters in Noida. However, not many were ready to take in dogs who had bad survival chances. They had suggested her to go for PTS or asked her for money to take care of them. It is when she decided to open an animal shelter for helpless animals named “Hope 4 Speechless Souls“.

She bought an open plot near Sector 134 in Noida with the help of her friend Rohit Yadav. Today, over 80 dogs have a safe haven of their own. She provides 3-time meals to the dogs that include eggs, rice, and Pedigree. Her friends and family help and pitch in to take care of the dogs.

To save money, she undertook a 3-month training course at the Noida Animal Hospital and now treats the dogs herself. Today, she is able to give proper medical care to every dog she rescues and her friends Rohit and Shubli Bhalla are always there to lend a helping hand.

Financially, she is supported by her family, friends and individual donors.

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