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Microsoft Fetch | App That Recognizes Dog Breeds Instantly

Things like these put a big smile on our face – Microsoft Fetch! An amazing app recently released through Microsoft garage can easily identify and recognize a dog breed instantly. Yes, we are not joking!

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This app is amazing and we loved the experience of using such an intelligent app. It can recognize a dog breed by its image clicked through your iPhone camera. You can also use an image from your photo library to test. You will be surprised to see the AI on this app and how exactly it identifies the dog breeds. You can get some info on the breeds here as well.



Fun Fetch! – you can click your picture with this app and it will tell you what kind of dog breed resembles your personality!

The AI on this app constantly learns from the fetched data and keeps getting better in providing the closest answers. If a dog breed is not known, it will guess and show a percentage of closely resembling dog breed. You can try clicking other objects and stuff and it will guess what kind of thing is in the picture.

Some fun facts

  • If you click an image of a flower, the app will respond as, “No dogs found! Hmmm… This looks more like…flower?”
  • If you click a picture of yourself or any other person, it will match that image with a type of dog breed and also explain the resemblance.
  • If you try to fool the app by clicking a cat’s image, it will guess that too!
  • You will never get the same result with two different pictures.

Video via YouTube

You can use Fetch! through, or you can download the app here.

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