Mandatory Registration Of Pet Dogs In East Delhi
Wednesday , October 4 2023
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Mandatory Registration Of Pet Dogs In East Delhi
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Mandatory Registration Of Pet Dogs In East Delhi

The East Delhi Municipal Corporation has appealed to people to register their pet dogs within 2 months on the civic body’s authorised online portal; otherwise, they might face consequences. The sole purpose of this exercise is to prepare a database of the pet dog owners, control illegal practises like unregistered dog breeding, and monitor the pet vaccination schedules.

People residing in the East Corporation jurisdiction can register online and deposit the prescribed fees through an online medium, says EDMC.

Under the Delhi Municipal Act 1957, it is mandatory to register all pet dogs with the municipal corporation. It also has a provision to impose a minimal fine if the pet dog owner is found unregistered with the civic body.

The online registration requires the pet owners to fill out a form and attach the documents, after which they get a registration number that is generated.

The civic body has a plan to also make it mandatory for dogs to wear collars issued by the registration authority so that, in case the pets are found abandoned in public places, they can be returned to their owners after they pay a fine.

Source: The Indian Express

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