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Saturday , September 26 2020
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Man Unleashes Dog on Cop Team in Ashoknagar

In a bizarre incident, an accused released his pet dog on the police that had come to arrest him in Ashoknagar. The incident was reported from the police post. Police had come to arrest accused Ravindra Yadav, a resident of Mahuakhedi. The team had been sent to arrest him in connection to a case registered against him.

The dog attacked the police team; bit a constable named Diwan Singh and tore his clothes. Another policeman identified as Suresh Sharma was injured in the incident, say reports. By the time police managed to control the dog, Yadav escaped from the backdoor. A fresh case has been registered against Yadav for unleashing his dog on the police team.

Yadav’s family members alleged that the dog was behind a locked door which the police broke open. They also fractured the dog’s leg, they alleged. Yadav, police claim, has been charged in more than 20 cases and is a habitual offender. Police said he was recently wanted in connection with a case of criminal intimidation and assault.

Source: The Times Of India

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