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Wednesday , October 4 2023
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Lost Dog Reunites with Late Owner's Sister After 3 Years
Dee and Bentley's heartwarming reunion. PHOTO: ACCT PHILLY/FACEBOOK

Lost Dog Reunites with Late Owner’s Sister After 3 Years

Bentley, a pit bull,  who was missing for the last three years in Memphis, Tennessee, was finally successfully reunited with his late owner’s sister, Dee. All thanks to the immense efforts of the Animal Care & Control Team of Philadelphia (ACCT Philly).

ACCT Philly discovered the wandering pit bull in Philadelphia earlier this month and brought him to their shelter. During the intake process, Bentley was scanned for a microchip, a small device implanted under a pet’s skin that contains contact and health information. ACCT Philly shared this information in a Facebook post.

Remarkably, a microchip was found on Bentley, but when the shelter attempted to contact the listed owner, it was Dee, the owner’s sister, who answered the call. Dee informed the shelter staff that Bentley’s owner had passed away during the dog’s time away from home and expressed her immense joy upon learning that Bentley was safe.

After a few weeks, a heartwarming reunion took place between Bentley and Dee, captured in a video shared by ACCT Philly. Bentley can be seen howling and wagging his tail upon spotting Dee in the footage. Overwhelmed with emotion, Dee sits on the grass, hugging Bentley tightly, and tells him how much she missed him.

In the same video, Dee tearfully recounts how Bentley went missing three years ago while her sister, who had cancer, was walking him. Despite their efforts to find him, they were unable to locate him. Dee expressed her gratitude for Bentley’s unexpected journey to Philadelphia and shared that he was a precious reminder of her late sister.

Dee also revealed her unwavering determination to find her sister’s beloved pup, even during challenging times of poor health. While ACCT Philly initially considered using volunteer pilots to transport Bentley back to Tennessee, they ultimately partnered with a pet transportation service called Whiskers, Tails & Scales Transport to facilitate Bentley’s journey back to his Memphis home.

Bentley is reportedly in good condition and thriving despite being deaf. The Facebook post mentioned that the pup had acquired knowledge of several basic sign language commands.

In Memphis, Dee and Bentley enjoy spending ample time together, thanks to Dee being granted permission to have Bentley accompany her to work. The pit bull faithfully remains by her side, settling comfortably at her feet during working hours.

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