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Wednesday , July 6 2022
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Apps for dog owners

5 Apps For Dog Owners

Technology is changing the way we do our everyday stuff and helping us manage our daily activities better. There are numerous apps in the digital market that can help you keep fit, eat right and buy stuff without even leaving your room.

But what about our best friend? Are there any interesting apps to make our life a bit easier in taking care of our pet dogs? We’ve got the answer right here for you!

We’ve compiled some interesting apps for dog owners that are quite easy to use and helpful:

1. BarkCam


Here’s an Instagram app for dogs with a unique feature of dog sounds that will keep your dog’s attention while you are clicking their picture. BarkCam has its own social network where you can share your dog’s pictures. It also lets you share the picture across other social media networks as well. The app is currently available for free on both iOS and Android.

2. Twindog


An interesting app that lets you “Find other dogs & their owners around you” in the swipe left/right style made famous by the Tinder app (Human version). It can be a useful app for both single dog parents and their dogs. Who knows… you might get lucky and find the love of your life, who also happens to share the same passion for dogs like you! Available on iOS and Android.

3. MapMyDogWalk


It is one of the most interesting apps that we really liked and it helps to keep a track of how much exercise your dog is really getting.

We all know how important it is to keep your dogs healthy by taking them out on walks. With this app, you can actually see how many miles you actually walked with your dog. Healthy for you & your dog! Available on iOS and Android.

4. Tagg


With this app, you can never lose track of where your dog really is. Tagg app is actually connected to a snaptrack collar with an in-built GPS tracker. This is quite a useful app and gives you the peace of mind of never losing your pup. It tracks your dog’s activity and sends a message if it goes beyond your preset boundaries.

The sad thing though is that this app is not available in India! However, it is an interesting app and Indian App developers should start thinking about creating an app like this for the local audiences. For more information about this app, visit Pettracker! App download here: iOS and Android.

5. Pet Diary

pet diary

PetDiary is a simple virtual way to monitor your dog’s health and everything else that you’d like to keep in mind for later. You can also use it to note down/store pictures of fun memories that you would like to cherish forever. Available on iOS. A similar app is available on Android as well.

Let us know which one you would like to download, tell us in the comments below!

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