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Monday , October 26 2020
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Indore Dog Rescuer Seeks Protection on Video

A 29-year-old woman in Madhya Pradesh’s Indore has sought protection from the police against “local goons” who she has said has been harassing her for helping stray dogs and even killed a few of them.

The police, on their part, said she is a habitual offender.

The video clip of the woman crying and asking for help has gone viral on social media eliciting tremendous support for her.

The woman introduces herself as Sakshi Sharma in the video and alleges that “local goons” have been threatening her.

“They abuse me in an intoxicated state and also attack my dogs, who are like my children. I take care of about 40 street dogs on my own expenses,” she is heard saying in the video.

“These goons take drugs near my house and terrorize me. They even killed some of my dogs. I lodged a complaint with Tilak Nagar police station but the police are not ready to take action against them,” she says.

Dinesh Verma, Tilak Nagar police station in-charge, said the woman’s real name is Samreen Bano and not Sakshi Sharma.

“In March, she had lodged an FIR against a 70-year-old herder when some dogs attacked her goat and later the herder hit the dogs with a stick. She alleged the herder had attacked her too and broken her mobile phone,” Verma said.

“Later, she lodged another FIR against some local residents accusing them of drinking liquor in the open. We are investigating the matter. After she posted the video recently a police team approached her to know about her complaint. Then she said she was talking about the old complaints,” he added.

Harinarayan Chari Mishra, the deputy inspector general (DIG) of police (Indore range) said they are looking into her complaints.

“During the inquiry, it has come to be known that she used to live earlier on Aerodrome Road in Indore calling herself as Samreen Bano, where she fought with many people. An FIR was lodged against her by local people,” Mishra said.

“We also found that she lived in Hyderabad and Delhi too with different names. She is also facing some criminal cases too in the two cities. Prima facie, she looks like a habitual offender. We are probing why she keeps changing her name,” he said.

The woman has refuted all charges by the police.

“A political leader, who is a woman and runs a social organization, is after me. At her instance police are harassing me by calling me mentally unstable and criminal and not taking action against the goons who are harassing me,” she said.

“That’s why I posted the video on social media for help. But the video has offended the police and they have started maligning my image. I changed my religion and that’s why I have two names,” she said.

Source: Hindustan Times

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