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Tuesday , October 27 2020
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In kadaba more Dogs getting Afflicted by Brain Fever

At a time when coronavirus pandemic has kept the people on a tight leash, the dogs are becoming victims of the dreaded brain fever virus en masse.

The disease was first sighted among the street dogs. Now, a large number of dogs are dying of this disease. The people are worried that this disease might affect pet dogs. This is a disease created by the virus, and even though dogs die from the disease within three months, initially they do not exhibit any symptoms. In the last couple of weeks, the disease aggravates and the dogs die.

The dogs suffering from this disease behave like rabid dogs and attack pet dogs and the disease spreads in this way. Because of this, owners of pet dogs are worried. Discharge from the nose and watery fluid coming from the mouth that drips all along the route taken by the dogs are the signs of a sick dog and the liquid spreads the disease.

Dr Dharmapal assistant director veterinary hospital Puttur says that this disease does not endanger people. He said that the disease aggravates during the summer and giving distemper vaccine during the first 60 days to the puppies followed by 90 days course and vaccine every year protects dogs from this disease.


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