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Friday , April 16 2021
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How you make a waterproof bed for a dog

How you make a waterproof bed for a dog

If your canine companion has a lovely bed, but it is not 100 % waterproof, it may cause problems for pet parents who regularly clean their dog beds. If you do not clean, it may also lead your dog to anxiety and depression due to unhygienic conditions.

Why make a Waterproof Bed for a Dog (Reasons):

  • The most imperative reason to have a waterproof dog bed is to protect the bed mattress and its interior from water damage.
  • An old dog may suddenly lose control of his urination and urinate while sleeping.
  • The dog was spayed or neutered in the recent past.
  • You bought a new dog at a few weeks of age that does not control his urination.
  • Some dog breed that often does urination due to their genetics, which causes headaches to pet parents.
  • Dogs breeds who are susceptible to diarrhea need waterproof beds.

If you have a simple dog bed, which is not waterproof, then whenever your dog urinates, or water comes in the form of rain, or your dog gets sick and lies on the bed all the time, then you have to wash the whole bed. This is a tiresome and hectic job, and you have to wash the foam, too, along with the bed. That’s not fun. So, why do not you try a fully waterproof dog bed which you can make your own easily?

Why must you make your own DIY Dog Bed?

If you have a slobbering dog still training, a waterproof dog bed is a must for him. However, not every dog bed available in the market is waterproof. Fortunately, if you find one, it becomes a hassle to wash because you have to wash the whole bed.

The complete and fully waterproof bed is best made in two steps, and you must dry the bed frame at night. This project’s total working time is about 1-2 hours, depending on how fast you work. This waterproof dog bed is affordable, cute, and easy to make. The instructions below do not include accurate measurements as each pallet varies in size. So, according to your dog’s size, you can select your pallet. If you don’t have a jigsaw, do not worry. You can make this dog bed using a hand saw. I suggest you invest a few bucks/dollars in a carpenter’s triangle to make sure your lines are straight. It will save you from a lot of hassle.

Required Tools/Instruments:

  • One pallet
  • One-inch thick upholstery padding
  • Seven 9/6 drill bit
  • One tub liquid nails or any other adhesive
  • One vinyl shower curtain from the dollar store
  • Paint color of your choice
  • Hand saw
  • Carpenters Triangle
  • Jigsaw (optional)
  • Four 3.5-inch screws
  • Circular sander
  • Measuring tape
  • Drill
  • Scissors
  • Durable fabric for the cover

Step 1: How to Make

  1. Use a jigsaw, or traditional hand saw to cut a pallet in equal half. You will be cutting in width, not in length.
  2. Decide on your own which side of the pallet will be in front of the dog bed and which will be on the backside.
  3. Measure the length of the back of the pallet.
  4. Mark the size of the pallet at two × four.
  5. By using the carpenter’s triangle, draw a straight cutting line across two × four.
  6. Cut two × four using a jigsaw. If you do not have an automatic jigsaw, you can use a hand saw.
  7. Arrange/line up the two × four-piece that you just cut from the pallet. Measure the width and length of each side of the palette. Cut the remaining two × four sizes. It would help if you had a cut of three pieces of two × four, which will use on the back and both sides.
  8. Sand two × four’s of a pallet to remove any splinters.
  9. Drill two holes on each side of two × four that will be used as the back of a dog bed.
  10. Pick the back piece up with line side pieces. Screw the sides in place. This will make the U shaped bed rail of your desire.
  11. By using a liquid nail or another multipurpose adhesive, glue the bed rail to the pallet. Set the other half of the pallet that you are not using on top and let it dries overnight. When dry, you will be able to roll up the entire bed rail without falling.
  12. Paint the dog bed. Leave it outside to dry completely.

Step 2: Making a Dog Pad

  1. To make a dog pad, measure the place’s length and width where the pad will be adjusted. Cut two pieces of one in upholstery padding to fit the bed.
  2.  Wrap the padding in vinyl or other good quality shower curtain. Use a super glue gun to seal the edges. Trim any extra vinyl. Your cushion is now waterproof!
  3. Place the cushion in the middle of your material. Cut around the cushion, leaving three inches of extra material on each side. You will do this twice or thrice to cover the top and bottom of your dog’s bed.
  4. Cover the cushion with the fabric material. Cut three-inch strips of the fabric and put them all around the cushion. Tie the strips together.

How to make a Pre-Existing Dog Bed Waterproof:

All dog beds are not made waterproof. We convert those beds that possess a removable cover, and the foam present inside the bed can be handled/accessed easily. The beds whose cushion will be removed and washed will do just fine.

The solution is to make the internal mattress waterproof instead of the whole bed because foam can be damaged by water, and we often rarely wash the foam.

1. Clean the Pre-Existing Bed

Clean the bed and put sheets on the dog’s pre-existing bed, but it’s always a good idea to start any new project with new items. If there is already a cover present on the bed, wash it and then put it in the dryer to dry it. After that, use a brush and dustpan or blower to eliminate the debris below.

2. Put Liner to the Bed’s Center

Any liner can be used, which is made up of waterproof material like PVC. We advise you to use bin liners because they are usually economical and can be easily replaced repeatedly at a lower cost.

Other possible options that can be used are moisture-proof sheets or polyethylene dust sheets. Some people even hanging curtains of showers with thick fabric.

3. Use Durable Space Blanket

A space blanket layer must be added for extra protection and to keep the dog bed warm. Space blankets are mostly water-resistant, providing more protection to the bed and keeping the bed safe from dog scratches and abrasions.

4. Place the Blanket over the Liners

When the foam or the whole bed has been sealed with a liner and space-blanket, then put the cover back on to hide these water-resistant liners you have made. It will give a typical look to the dog bed.

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