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Wednesday , December 1 2021
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Safe dog During 4th July Fireworks

How To Keep Your Dog Safe And Calm During 4th July Fireworks

The Fourth of July can be rough for dogs. The fireworks scare the bejeezus out of your dogs. Due to this, many pets go missing during and after the 4th of July celebrations. To minimize your furry friend’s stress this holiday, we have a few tips for you:

1. Exercise your dog

Exercise your dog

Take your dog out for a walk and get him/her to do plenty of activities, 2-3 hours before the celebrations. Don’t forget to feed them well after the exercise. A tired and well-fed dog will be less anxious during the fireworks.

2. Keep your dog indoor

dogs and fireworks

Make sure to keep your dog inside your house before the fireworks start. The loud noise from the bursting crackers can scare and make your dog panic. Some dogs might act aggressively due to anxiety, while some may try to hide in an isolated corner of the house. Let them hide – don’t force them to come out.

3. Close your doors and windows 

Close down all the doors and windows, and turn up the volume of your music system or television to mask the sound of firecrackers.

4. Provide a distraction

dogs with toys

Distract your dog by giving him/her access to all of his/her favorite toys. Let them have a secluded corner in the house to play with toys.

5. Make sure your dog is wearing a collar ID

dog with id collar

If your dog is not already microchipped, make sure that he/she is wearing an ID tag with his name and your number. If in case, your pet dog runs away in panic, the Id collar will help you find your dog.

6. Keep them engaged with you

spend some time with dog

Lastly, spend time with your dog during and after the fireworks. Make sure to spend time with your dog as it will calm him/her down and ensure him that everything is okay.

We hope these tips will help you take care of your pet dog during celebrations.

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