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Sunday , August 14 2022
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How Do Dogs Choose Their Favorite Person

How Do Dogs Choose Their Favorite Humans?

Every dog lover enjoys thinking of themselves as the dog’s favorite or best buddy. The general perception is that dogs like those who treat them with equal love, care, and affection. This thought is sometimes true, but not as easy as it seems. Often observed that your friend or other family member is more important to him. Why is it so?

This might well be your question. If you are confused about such a situation, you must know that there may be several factors, thus making that very person essential to your pet. These factors may be amity, officious consortium, and character.

It’s time to let go of the details so that you can know how the dogs select their treasured person. The person who takes care of the dogs may not be their favorite one. Owners expect their dogs follow their every movement in the presence of others. In a room full of people, if your dog comes towards you and sits on your lap, you are certainly its favorite one.

It indicates a unique bond that doesn’t happen in every dog. Dogs are different from others in nature. In this article, we have tried to furnish a generalized overview to help you understand why a dog chooses its favorite person


Irrespective of breed type, socialization plays a crucial role in their mental growth. The dog is the decision-maker for the selection of the favorite person. In many instances, bonding becomes strongest between the dog and the person responsible for their initial life of social interaction process. It happens between the first days up to the age of 6 months. At this tender age, the pup’s brain is exceptionally amenable.

Initial community-based encounter impacts their entire life span. They must interact with a vast range of people and places. For example, if a pup receives a pessimistic experience from someone, it’s tough to build the bond at a later stage. A good impression at the initial stage of socialization helps develop a good impact on future connections.

Sometimes, the caretaker becomes the important person for them, especially in the case of adaptation of a mature dog. You face some incidents like they are only responsive to the female member of your family and ignore the men. It may happen because the early caretaker could have been female.

Never worry about that because it doesn’t take much time to make yourself a favorite person for them. Early incidents are vital for continuous interaction through various activities like playing games, going for a walk, care, and grooming will help you develop great bonding.


As we already talked about dogs don’t prefer the primary caretaking person instead, they choose others. In several cases, dogs prefer those who are most attentive to them. Remember, it means a good quantity of recognition. Dogs also need quality endearment.

Affection with Dog

The most vital part is physical interactivity like massaging them, going for a walk, being playful in the game, doing physical activity, and buffoonery with him is the path that helps tighten the attachment between you both.

More knowledge can be gathered by spending more time with him. For instance, in a family of four with two kids, dogs prefer the person who feeds them and walks beside them. There are instances where you will observe some owners do verbal communication with their dogs. Verbal communication increases a sense of bond between the dog and its owner.

Dogs are intelligent and can effectively judge your emotional condition through your tonal quality. Dogs have an outstanding ability to study body language. For example, a cuddle represents affection, while pummeling means kisses for them.

Personality match

Did you meet a dog who behaves similarly to its owner? “Like poles attract each other “– this is true for the dog and its owner. Dog inclines to drift towards that person who has the same overtone as him. For example, an attentive in-house dog prefers a timid person. A joyous and lively dog usually prefers an agile person.

Personality match

They feel safe and sound in accompaniment of a person of the same nature as him. They are close and inextricable that they look the same in feature. Even though it seems weird, it is a fact.

It is significant to study the dog’s breed type before owning them. It will be better to choose the perfect match of the dog for your family and yourself. Some dogs you find are joyous, high on energy, and kid compatible. On the other hand, some are attentive, sleepy, and indolent.

Here is a list of dogs segmented based on their nature.

Active or extrovert 

Corgi, Bernese, Labrador, Golden retriever, spring spaniel, Boston retriever, and the poodle are a few breeds that are active and extroverts.

Inactive or introvert

Pug, Greyhound. Basenji, Maltese, Chihuahua etc.

Way to become dog’s favorite

Don’t be disheartened if you are aware that someone else is your dog’s favorite. Refine and develop the bond between you both. Spend time with your pet. They need your attention. The easiest trick would be to spend a few minutes with each other every day. Play with your pet. Get a ball and play a simple game of fetch.

You can even get him some toys, and frisbee. Teaching a new skill is another nice trick that you must try doing. It is better to work in a team. Grooming sessions are essential for his health and can even be a handy tool to bond with your loving pet. It is a natural process though that develops through with a few tricks and spending quality time.

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