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How Can I Tell If My Dog Loves Me

6 Signs Your Dog Likes You

It is believed that dogs love their owners unconditionally. However, sometimes we are unsure if our furry friends reciprocate our love for them. This lack of confidence happens since we are not aware of the signs they throw at us.

They can’t talk to express their love like your human partner. But they love. They show signs. You only have to recognize them. If you can recognize them, you can develop a bond of love with your pet. And once that bond is created, happiness will know no bounds.

This article can be the password to your happiness since it will tell you the signs a dog shows to express their love for their owners or friends.

Following is the list of signs that dogs exhibit to tell you “I love you”:

Wagging of the tail, Bringing of toy, Whining through the nose your dog loves you, it will show some of these signs whenever you are back home. When you go outside, the dogs feel unsecured. They feel a threat that its owner may have abandoned it. So, it waits eagerly for you to return. And whenever you return, it will express its joy through wagging of its tail, whining through its nose.

It can even bring a toy to you with a desire to start playing with it. It may happen that when you return after a hard day’s work, you may not feel like playing with your dog. But to make your furry friend feel good, it’s good to reciprocate by playing a bit with it. If you reciprocate your friend’s love, the bond will grow strong. 

“Blinking of eyes regularly, Wagging of the tail from side to side, Opening the mouth with their tongue, Rolling over and requesting for a belly rub, Bowing down on front paws with head at a lower level than the butt, Exhibiting soft expressions on their face.”

If the dog loves you, it will be relaxed when you are with it. When you are back at home, and the dog can understand that you are not leaving it alone, it will feel relaxed. It will exhibit relaxed body language that you will be able to notice.

When the dog is in a relaxed state of mind, it will show signs like lovingly opening its mouth with its tongue, wagging the tail from side to side. It will blink eyes regularly. With its head down, it will bow down on its front paws when it feels relaxed. It will even roll over and request you for a belly rub. Go ahead and respond to strengthen your friendship.

How can you tell if your dog loves you?

#1 Making eye contact with the owner

Like humans, dogs avoid eye contact if they are nervous or frightened by someone. But when the dog loves and trusts its owner, it makes eye contact.

As per a study conducted in Japan, a dog’s oxytocin (the love hormone) level elevates when it makes eye contact with its beloved owner. So, when your furry friend makes eye contact with you, you should also do so. Else, the bond may break.

#2 Keeping their head on your thigh or knee, Leaning against you, Hugging, Snuggling

When they are in a loving mood, they show signs such as hugging, snuggling, leaning against you, and keeping their head on their beloved owner’s thigh or knee.

With these signs, they want to communicate a loving mood, and they want some petting, and scratching from their owner. Please don’t avoid petting or scratching when your dog throws the signs of love for the sake of friendship.

#3 Checking in with you

If your pet loves you, it will want to be sure that you are not far from it. I will check in with you. If it can’t see you for some time, it will frequently come and check for your presence. At times, you may want some privacy. But your wish for privacy can cause harm to your friend’s confidence.

Try to understand that the pet is checking for your presence since it loves you very much. And if you want to show pure love in return, do not keep yourself locked or away from it. Install confidence in it that you are there and your friend is not alone.

#4 Listening to your talks, Obeying your commands

If your pet has a deep love for you, it will not ignore you when you speak to it. It will be a good listener. They will respond to what you say. If they are attached to you, they will obey your commands even when you request something in a soft tone.

However, since they are animals and not humans, to make them understand what you say will need a basic level of obedience training and recall training. Providing this training is effective for both the dogs and the owners since understanding human language can save their lives and their owners’ lives if problems arise.

So, don’t avoid providing obedience training and recall training to your dog without which your friendship bond may face a rupture.

#5 Cuddling up to your possessions

Cuddling up to your possessions

Your loving dog wants your smell all around it all the time. So, it may end cuddling up with your extra smelly pair of socks or your dirty underwear or your pair of shoes. Your pet does it to ease its separation anxiety. When you are not around, it feels anxious that you are separated.

Hence, it wants your smell to feel safe. Therefore, if you see that your loving furry friend is cuddling up with your beloved ironed shirt, please don’t scold it. Handle it with love.

#6 Lying close to you

If your dog feels a strong bond with you, it will try to be attached to your shadow. It will nap next to you when you are leaning on the sofa or bed. When you are sitting on a chair, it will lie close to your feet.

Do not ever try to move it away if you love it. Let it be close to your feet even when you are dining. Else, the hearts may part.

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