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Sunday , September 27 2020
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Stray dog shot dead in Ludhuana by an ex-serviceman

Ex-Serviceman Shoots Stray Dog In A Fit Of Rage

This shocking incident happened on 14 November, when an adopted stray dog named Bholu was shot dead by an Ex-serviceman in Ludhiana.

Bholu was accompanying his owner Tarlochan Singh to his brick-kiln, when a pack of stray dogs was spotted by Bholu and he chased after them. The scuffle between the stray dogs happened in front of the accused, Satpal singh’s house, who came out of the house and shot the dog dead.

Complaint lodged

The complaint was lodged by Tarlochan’s son Avtar Singh Mand. He said that the dog was 7 years old and have been a part of his family for long. The dog used to calmly accompany his father Tarlochan singh to the brick-kilns on a daily basis.

What Happened

On the Wednesday morning, his father and bholu left for their brick-kiln which is located around 1.5 kms away from their house. While his father reached the kiln, Bholu ran towards a pack of stray dogs near the house of Satpal Singh. Avtar alleges that he doesn’t know what exactly happened but the villagers present at the location told his father that Bholu has been shot dead by Satpal Singh.

The witnesses say that while the scuffle went on outside Satpal’s house, the barking of the dogs was pretty loud. Satpal came out with his gun and shot at the dogs where bholu got hit twice.

The Ludhiana police have booked the ex-service man for now. The dog’s autopsy confirmed that it was shot dead.

What does the police say

Inspector Kulwant Singh, SHO, said that the accused has been booked under the sections of 11(1)(L) of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, and 429 (Mischief by killing or maiming cattle, etc., of any value or any animal of the value of fifty rupees) of IPC and Arms Act. However, the accused who is an ex-serviceman is currently absconding and police is trying to locate him.

Police officials state that as per eyewitnesses, the scuffle between the dogs and loud barking noise in front of Satpal Singh’s house put him in a fit of rage due to which he came out and opened fire on the dogs with his .12 bore shotgun.

Bholu is now buried in a field belonging to his owner Tarlochan Singh.

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