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Saturday , October 1 2022
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Duluth USPS Emphasizes Dog Awareness Week

Duluth USPS Emphasizes Dog Awareness Week

DULUTH, Minn.- It’s dog bite awareness week and a local letter carrier and Duluth postmaster are speaking on the importance of securing your dog for the safety of local carriers.

The United States Postal Service shared what carriers look for when approaching a residence. Chains, dog bowls, and toys are signs of whether a dog may live in the residence. She also explained the different ways letter carriers may defend themselves from dogs.

“We can put that same information into the scanner,” said letter carrier and safety ambassador Sheila. “So what happens is when you are coming up to an address this will give you a verbal warning and you can see what you can do to avoid a bite.”

Last year there were 73 dog bites reported by USPS in Minnesota, and 45 bites reported this year. Overall, there were 1500 dog bites reported in the nation.

“If you see a letter carrier make sure your dog’s locked up, especially around kids,” said postmaster Matthew Macfarlane. “I mean, dogs can be very protective of their children easiest way to remember is if you see the mail truck, lock your dog up.”

You can prevent a dog bite incident by waiting for letter carriers to leave the area before receiving your package or mail, making sure your screens on your doors and windows are secure, and securing your dogs if they are outside.

Letter carriers can refuse to deliver to a residence if their pet is not contained.

United States Postal Service workers want to deliver your mail safely.
Dog safety is not only for United States Postal Workers, but can benefit the public as well.

Source: Fox21online, Not edited by DogExpress staff

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