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Dogs Die Due To Heatstroke In Chennai

Summers are here and it is time that you took extra care of your dog and protected it from a heat stroke!

Over the last week, heat stroke has killed three dogs in Chennai, said vets from the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).

“Had the pet owners provided the dogs some immediate help, like putting a wet towel around its head and between the legs, or given it ice-cold water, they could have brought down the heat in the animal’s body and saved it,” said R Sokkalingam, veterinarian at SPCA.

All the three dogs were exotic breeds. “Pugs, bulldogs and St Bernards get affected by the heat. They need to be taken extra care of,” he said.

T Ganesan, a techie, had lost one of his two German Shepherds last year due to heat stroke. “I used to leave him out in the verandah because he liked to play outdoors. But over the days he became very tired. He looked dehydrated and would refuse food and water. Suddenly one day he died,” he said.

This time Ganesan has been taking extra care for his other dog which is four years old. “I do not let him out during the day, he only goes late in the evening or before sunrise. In the afternoons he remains inside,” he said.

Apart from this, vets suggest that dogs must also be regularly fed with fruits like watermelons and bananas. “You can feed them all fruits except grapes since it can lead to kidney failure and can be fatal,” said Sokkalingam.

Dawn William, general manager of rescue, Blue Cross, said pet owners must take responsibility and pay timely attention to a dog’s needs during summer.

“These fatalities could have been avoided had the owners not neglected their pets. Indian breeds are accustomed to surviving in such climates, but not the rest. People must stop breeding or buying exotic species because not everyone can provide them the required attention,” he said.

Source: TOI
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