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Saturday , October 1 2022
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Dog World Dog Park: A puppy paradise in Kannapolis

Dog World Dog Park: A puppy paradise in Kannapolis

Dana Christner was looking to hold an official grand opening for the Dog World Dog Park.

As soon as the TikTok video of the two dogs started to frolic around the swimming pool at Dog World, it went viral. Later the dog-owners descended on the park located at 2225 Fowler St., just off Moose Road in Kannapolis.

The dog playground is at what once was a Kannapolis Recreation Park, where residents used to come in the summer for a bite to eat or swim at the concession stand. The food is served on the premises, and you can order them with a variety of toppings like frozen strawberries, bacon bits, salmon oil, and Vienna sausages.

The dogs cannot eat in the park, but Christener has found with the pup cones that a lot of people’s dogs won’t leave without one. It is why a lot of people get their dogs out of the park because otherwise, they won’t leave.

Dog World’s founder, Jeff Palmer wants the place that dogs don’t want to leave. If you want to make a vision into reality, Jeff lived on-site for several months while he rehabilitated the dilapidated facilities.

There are no breed restrictions at Dog World, but there are also plenty of rules. If you want to enter the park, dogs need vaccination, and the owners need to provide proof. Once they are check-in, each dog will undergo a 10-minute temperament test that helps to determine how they play.

Depending on the dog’s demeanor, it is assigned one of several color-coded tags that you can wear in the park. A pink tag is worn by elderly canines, a green tag for calmer dogs, and the brown one for the party poopers who like to play alone.

The Dog World continues to grow in popularity, Dana has her sights set by adding on corporate sponsors like Chewy who can help them to continue to improve the aging facility.

Dog World is open Wednesday through Sunday from 8 am to 7 pm. Walk-ins are accepted, but online reservations are preferable. 30-days membership and day passes are available.

Source: Salisbury Post

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