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Thursday , May 19 2022
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Dog Meets Its Human After Many Days
The dog met its human after many days and its reaction is quite heartwarming to watch. (oscar_wonderpup/Instagram )

Dog Meets Its Human After Many Days

It is challenging for dog lovers to leave the pups behind, even for a day. Dogs seem to miss their humans a lot if they are left alone for a few days. They may also get emotional when they see their hoomans. Like the video posted on Instagram by a dog account, the post shows the moment a man meets his dog after many days. The video tends to melt your heart with its cuteness.

The video was posted on April 23 and has received a lot of views so far. The dog owner said he left his dog for the first time in two years as he had to go to his hometown in Madhya Pradesh. He left the dog with a friend in Bangalore. He said he missed his dog a lot, and whenever he saw the photos his friend shared, the dog looked a bit sad. So, when he met his dog again, it looked quite excited to see him and gave him a hug.

The video captioned, “I am finally meeting after eight days gap. It was so emotional for both of us… We hugged for so long after this,” was posted by oscar_wonderpup.

Check the video here:



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