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Thursday , October 22 2020
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Cute Rescue Puppy With A tail On His Forehead

Taking the internet by storm is this 10-week-old puppy in Missouri, who has a tail growing out of his forehead.

The puppy has been named as Narwhal, the little magical furry unicorn. According to Mac’s Mission, a dog rescue non-profit organization, Narwhal was found with frostbite on one of his paws. He was roaming out in the cold when the rescue team found him.

Narwhal’s tail on the forehead is sprouting between his eyes and flops around when he moves. He cannot wag the tail on his forehead. The rescue group confirmed that he is recovering from the frostbite quickly and will get better soon. He is going to be dewormed and vaccinated soon.

What Vets Say

Vets have reviewed his X-ray, it shows that the tail is not connected to any bone and he won’t be able to move it. It has no real use, but they are reluctant to remove it surgically as it poses no threat to the puppy’s health. There is no medical reason to remove the tail from his forehead.

The rescue group says that online attention has been crazy over this cute furball.

Video of him playing has gone viral over the internet.

See Him In Action

The dog is not ready for adoption yet. But requests for adoption have been pouring in. Narwhal will be listed for adoption once he’s a bit older and properly vaccinated. The staff would like to monitor the forehead tail for a few more months to ensure it doesn’t pose any health threat to the puppy.

Just look at this cutie

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