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Monday , August 3 2020
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Chandigarh Pupper Party 2019 By PetFed

Pet Fed which brings one of India’s biggest pet festivals to the cities is gearing up to land their first carnival in Chandigarh soon.

Pet Fed festival brings in a huge crowd with diverse dog breeds. They host numerous workshops and stalls for pet dogs and their owners. They plan out various interactive activities where you and your pup can participate and have fun. The goal for PetFed is to make the bond between you and your pets stronger.

It also offers pet lovers a chance to interact with other pets and dogs in the event.

Chandigarh Pupper Party

For the first time in Chandigarh, PetFed is going to organize an event. Join the Pet Fed’s first Pupper Party in Chandigarh at Lumos. You will also get Free Beer with each ticket, there is Free doggy buffet in store for your pup. You and your dog also stand a chance to win exciting gifts by playing cool games at the event.

There will be free goodies for each dog and basic health check-up of the dogs will be done as well.

The Entry Fee will cost INR 349 per person. There won’t be any charges for pets.
You can get your tickets here!

Date & Location:

28 July 2019
Lumos, Industrial Area, Chandigarh
12:00 PM – 03:00 PM
Phone: 09811639193

Source: PetFed

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