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Wednesday , August 17 2022
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How To Help Your Dog Live Longer?

Dog live longer

Who is the first family member to greet you at the door after a hard day at work? Who is that fluffy creature that looks up to you and always seeks your company? The answer to these and many other questions is your dog. And we want these little things ...

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How Do Dogs Choose Their Favorite Humans?

How Do Dogs Choose Their Favorite Person

Every dog lover enjoys thinking of themselves as the dog’s favorite or best buddy. The general perception is that dogs like those who treat them with equal love, care, and affection. This thought is sometimes true, but not as easy as it seems. Often observed that your friend or other ...

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Boost your dog’s diet: 8 healthy herbs for dogs

Boost your dog's diet 8 healthy herbs for dogs

For keeping yourself healthy, you may be using some herbs to prevent usual sickness. The part you may be unaware of is its beneficial effects on canines. Majorly, dog owners prefer customized food for dogs and believe them enough for their health. However, it is a misconception. Dogs require composed ...

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Tips For Taking Your Dog To The Pub

Tips For Taking Your Dog To The Pub For The First Time

Enjoying a pint in a local bar is always encouraging. It is more than exciting when your furry four-legged friend is with you. It feels a bit intimidating taking them to new places. In a busy pub atmosphere, your dog experiences whole new surroundings with many people, new furry pals, ...

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How to Raise a Confident Dog

How To Raise Your Dog To Be Confident

There are so many ways to raise your dog to be confident. The first way would be to make them practice being alone. When you provide your dog with certain sessions when they can be on their own, you allow them to feel comfortable. However, make sure that these sessions ...

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Professional Dog Trainer Academies in US

Professional Dog Trainer Academies in US

Dog trainers prefer a career in the field as they are animal lovers and adore dogs the most. The purpose of an obedience dog trainer is to see a harmonious and affectionate relationship between pet parent and dog. Would-be trainers generally start the certification method by volunteering at dog shelters, ...

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Canine Behavior Problems: Correcting Bad Behavior

A badly behaved dog can cause problems both for himself and for his owner. However, with a basic understanding of how a dog reacts to particular situations, an owner can correct bad behavior. Often, behavioral problems result from a breakdown in communication between dogs and humans. With a better understanding, ...

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Westminster Kennel Club: Dog Show 101

Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show 101

TARRYTOWN, N.Y. (AP) — On Monday, Thousands of dogs started competing for the best in show prize at the famed Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. To the everyday viewer, the annual exhibition of dressed-up handlers leading well-mannered dogs around a ring might seem like a somewhat stilted walk in the ...

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How To Give Your Dog A Spa At Home?

How To Give Your Dog A Spa Naturally At Home

If your dog has had a hard day running around and playing in the mud and soil, you must give your furball a good session of bathing that relaxes them. It is essential for them. You can be sure that nothing would soothe them better. In some cases, your dog ...

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