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Saturday , January 29 2022
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Best Veterinary Schools in the World

Best Veterinary Schools in the World — University Rankings 2021

Based on the research of QS World University Rankings by Subject 2021, students who want to learn veterinary science can choose among the five best schools worldwide.

Indeed, enrollees need to write many works for their entrance. It will show admission officers their readiness to transform theory into practical skills.

Consequently, they need to understand all essay topics about animals perfectly. In our article, we represent the five best veterinary schools in the world that you can get a degree in and increase your knowledge to become an outstanding animal doctor!

1. The Royal Veterinary College (RVC), University of London 

Best Veterinary Schools in the World

Located in London, UK, this college is one of the oldest educational institutes for veterinary doctors. It was created in 1971, and many scientists have brought veterinary medicine knowledge and traditions through the centuries.

This school has the highest accreditation from not only European but also American and Australian scientific associations.

The research made in this college is recognized on the international stage. So if you want to share your experiments with the world, do it courageously!

2. University of California, Davis

University of California, Davis

This is the center of agricultural and veterinary technologies where students can apply their modern approach to the classical educational system. This campus has a territory of 5,500 acres where students can enjoy studying.

Every learner needs to apply their knowledge to practice. Consequently, you can join the cutting-edge approach and get the opportunity to work in one of the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA)-accredited hospitals.

3. The University of Edinburgh 

Welcome back to the UK, Edinburgh, the heart of student life. This university supports many partnerships with leading companies and organizations.

It lets students collaborate with the best specialists worldwide, get priceless experience, and learn something new not from the books but real life.

The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies is a part of the University campus, where future animal doctors can get a degree in various studies. Faculties are different and range from equine veterinary service to farm animal education.

4. Cornell University

This is an American studying center where a further veterinary specialist can get a reliable Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. Established in 1865, it follows a classical studying structure with modern fulfillment. The architectural abundance and all-natural environment contribute to research life science from various aspects.

Meanwhile, studying animal biology at Cornell University, you can easily become a recognized expert in this discipline.

In this educational institute, you get the opportunity not only to showcase your skills on graduate exams but also to spend studying semesters in Argentina or Italy to pass essential production practices.

5. University of Guelph 

Ontario Veterinary College

Ontario Veterinary College is a prominent studying department for those who want to increase the popularity of animal medicine.

As a part of Guelph University, this educational institute follows strict studying principles. Tutors provide here real-life knowledge that is applicable to cure any animals species in any condition and situation.

Numerous opportunities such as free access to the library and other campuses resources let students be more confident in their knowledge.

Get proper mentoring and support to gain what you need to be a licensed specialist and work in eligible medical organizations.


Looking at this list, you can better understand which school you would like to choose for study the most. Indeed, these best veterinary schools’ ranking is based on such factors as academic reputation, international faculty ratio, employer reputation, and many others.

It is difficult to consider each of them, still, you need to decide yourself which proposals match your goals most. Therefore, we recommend contacting them by links we represented in each description and taking care of your future now!

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