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Thursday , July 18 2024
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Ban On Import Of Pedigree Dog Breeds Gets Mixed Response

Recently, Indian government imposed a ban on the import of pedigree dog breeds in India for breeding or any other commercial purposes. This ban issued by “The Director General of Foreign Trade” received a mixed response from the people and breeders.

Breeders’ Response – In Support of Ban

Irshad Ali Khan, a breeder of Rampur Hound and Tazi breed of dogs in Lucknow openly supported the ban.

“What happens is that breeders import dogs from abroad and them make them breed to the nearest gene pool. I have been in the breeding business for the past 10 years and I am aware that most breeders are ruthless towards dogs. After breeding them with other dogs, they leave them on the streets. The ban would ensure such practices come to an end,”

Another breeder – Anurag Mishra, a proud owner of 16 different pedigree dog breeds such as Rottweiler, Grey Hound and Doberman etc. also seemed quite accepting to the ban.

“We have such beautiful breeds of dogs across the country and I find no dogs across the country and I find no need to import dogs from outside. Also, the climatic condition of India is very different from several other countries, which makes it difficult for these import which makes it difficult for these imported breeds to survive here. For instance, breeding a Siberian Husky in India is totally inappropriate as it is a dog suitable for living in snow and even a temperature of 16 degree Celsius is inappropriate for the breed.”

Against the Ban

Inakshi Chandel, is a breeder who owns 12 pure breed Labradors and is against the ban imposed on import of pedigree dog breeds in India.

“As the demand for pure pedigrees increased, they were bred within a closed gene pool to ensure they possessed the traits considered the breed standard. However, to weed out that practice and to strengthen the law, government should regulate breeders by allowing licences only to those who practice ethically, take care of the mother and the puppies, maintain hygienic conditions and so on.”

People who spend tons of money on buying imported pedigree dog breeds also raised their concern on the ban and didn’t like the government’s decision on the matter.

Another dog breeder from Lucknow – Cyrus Maclure, owner of 22 different kinds of dog breeds, said that the ban will ensure that those people who just buy dogs to flaunt them as status symbols would stop now.

“Such people are not able to train their dogs properly. What they do is make them participate in dog shows where the dog wins prizes merely on the basis of looks, rather than talent. This will not happen now.”

Ban on Pedigree Dog Breeds may Discourage Pet Lovers

A teacher from Lucknow – Soumya Chaturvedi, proud owner of a bull dog didn’t like the ban imposed by the government.

“It took me three years to get my dog and it costed me Rs 5 lakhs. Why will I not care for my dog? He is my prized possession! And we have always had different breeds of dogs at home since I was a child. By increasing the cost of importing pedigree dogs as pets, the government is only discouraging pet lovers.”

The responses on the matter has been widely mixed all over India! Which side are you on?

Do you agree with the ban or should it be revoked? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Times Of India

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